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Are mature dependencies less risky than state of the art ones?

There are tools like dependabot or greenkeeper for npm and others for other languages. Now at first glance they improve security by keeping open source dependencies up-to-date. But I am wondering, do ...
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Question about ethical auto-updates

I'm working on a project which needs to always be up-to-date for my users. It's quite simple to make an auto-update feature, but I need to know how ethical this is. If, when the user installs the ...
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Updating a distributed backend and keep track of compatible releases for Electron app + Webserver (PHP + MySQL )

Currently i'm working on a small platform with a simple client-server model and will soon go in a closed beta with a launching customer. In essence it's an Electron application which is mostly used ...
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Is it ever ok not to update VMs without external IP running in the cloud?

We have some linux(ubuntu) based VMs running in the cloud in a private network and they do not have external/public IP address. We have some apps running on those servers and everything is working ...
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Is it a bad idea to use ProgramData to allow non-admin users to update our program?

I'm working on a Desktop application, and to allow frequent updates without too much hassle, I want to install a simple "bootstrap" application to the "Program Files" directory, and the actual ...
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Software/firmware auto update strategy

I've got a medium-sized project now that's just nearing the end of the "sloppy caffeine-powered prototypes for client demos" phase and transitioning into "think about the future" phase. The project ...
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How to maintain a database structure when there are multiple instance of the DB?

I've created an application that can create and update documents. A document is a relational database (it's a SQLite database). I'm planning to update the structure of the database (add fields, add ...
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Is this Auto-Updating strategy for a program in C++ compiled with mingw32 for Windows correct?

I 've been thinking a lot on auto-updating, but wanted to check with you guys if you see any anti-patterns in my proposal: Context I'm coding a game in C++ and SDL, compiled in an Ubuntu (host) for ...
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Is it good practice on server/client systems to automatically install updates?

I'm working on an automated update system for a legacy server/client software package written in Delphi. The way I'm designing it is so the client's (customer's) server machine runs a service which... ...
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Auto update for application hosted on multiple servers on cloud

I'm working on an application which will run on multiple Amazon EC2 instances. I wish to incorporate auto update feature for my application. The updater should update all the Ec2 instances. Also, ...
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Is it a bad practice to stop providing support for outdated software if updates are free and easy?

Providing support for outdated software is both unexciting and expensive. If people are still using the version which was sold ten years ago, it means that they will find bugs which do not exist in ...
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How to create a centralized update mechanism for a hosted CMS?

We're a team developing a hosted CMS (something like, but in .NET platform), and we want every site to get updates as we update our software. Our CMS is not multi-tenant, i.e. each site ...
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7 votes
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Why don't software vendors use existing scheduling facilities for automatic upgrades?

It is common for software vendors to offer automatic updates. The research and installation of these updates can be done at application startup through a service or process in the background (which ...
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Using an Apt Repository for Paid Software Updates

I'm trying to determine a way to distribute software updates for a hosted/on-site web application that may have weekly and/or monthly updates. I don't want the customers who use the on-site product to ...
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