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Backlog is ever-evolving list of product requirements, prioritized by the customer (or customer representative), that conveys to an Agile team which features to implement first.

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In Scrum, why don't you use aging and guaranteed time slice to prevent outdated tasks in the backlog?

If there are many tasks in the backlog and the product owner keeps adding them, some of the tasks become outdated and in practice they are never implemented by the team. Why don't we borrow some ...
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How to place user training into a Scrum backlog?

After we have developed new features in a sprint the users must be trained for using these features. How does this happen in Scrum? Which role should give the training and how should it be reflected ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to catch "continuous ongoing tasks" into a scrum system?

Well in working with scrum it's always seen as important to make clearly defined stop and start points of small tasks. However how do you capture "ongoing" tasks into a scrum system? Like on friday ...
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User stories about one and the same functionality for two different roles

My team is building a solution where a mobile app communicates with a backend. I need to describe functionality where the communication between the app and the backend is optimized according to some ...
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Whom does the Nexus Sprint Backlog belong to?

The Nexus Guide states that: A Nexus Sprint Backlog is the composite of Product Backlog items from the Sprint Backlogs of the individual Scrum Teams. However, trying to build an analogy between ...
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How Sprint works [closed]

I am not from a IT background. An idea is generated is being worked upon now. Initially we started with Waterfall methodology and now using agile. Want to understand how exactly this agile methodology ...
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3 answers

How to organize work for a team delivering 3 connected but distinct products and stay agile

We are a team responsible for 3 products: 2 products are in active development of new functionality and are moving fast therefore work there could be classified as project 3rd product is alive and ...
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How track backlog items origin using scrum?

I would like to track, for each backlog item, which event originated it. For instance: "Original briefing", "Meeting Jan", "Meeting Feb" ... Using scrum, what is the correct way to track the origin ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Should we estimate tasks during backlog grooming?

I was just taken by surprise in a backlog grooming meeting when we assigned time estimates to BA, dev, and QA tasks...but the story is not yet scheduled in any sprint and we are not yet assigning ...
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Need an example of a real backlog task or how elaborate must it be? [closed]

I'd like to know whether a task must be self contained. Our tasks mostly contain a couple of sentences. To understand what you are to do you should: Read the requirements document for several ...
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Criteria for prioritizing product backlog [closed]

My list of the most important criteria is below. What do you think? The value to the user - naturally features that are more important to the user must come first Implementation time - the faster it ...
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Keeping agile with zero-bug/defect policy

In our project we work in a zero-bug (a.k.a zero-defect) methodology. The basic idea is that bugs are always higher in priority than features. If you're working on a story and it has a bug it must be ...
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4 answers

Scrum - real life example? [closed]

I'm starting with scrum and saw many partial examples on books and tutorials, but when try to use scrum in the real life, it's not easy to write the user stories and create the product backlog. I want ...
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Steps to take to create the Product Backlog for starting our project with Scrum

A small team (3 or 4) are working on a fairly big project that might take 1 year to complete. We are basically re-designing an existing software (that had been developer over 5-6 years while being ...
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best practices in creating a product backlog in scrum [closed]

I am new to scrum, project management in general, and i am having problems deciding what to call a feature or a sub-feature (which are tasklists to creating that feature?) especially for the standard ...
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How to manage an issue tracker's backlog

We've been dutifully using Trac for several years now, and our "active tickets" list has grown to almost 200 items. These include bugs that are too low priority and too complicated to fix for now, ...
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