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Best practice for storing third party tools

Currently my company is storing the installers (and in some cases the installed directory copy) for some open source third party tools that our build uses. Were storing these files in our github repo ...
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Can I upload the entire postgres DB on Github?

Basically, here's the problem. I work remotely for a company, and I need to have a local copy of the production database to play around with it and test my work on it before pushing the code. The prod ...
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Is it reliable to compress database backups with git?

I'm working as an intern at a fund. I spent the last month building a website for internal use, and now I think it's a good time to set up a backup scheme for the MySQL database at its backend. Funny ...
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Do I need to backup my data hosted on cloud services? [closed]

We are discussing at the company the migration of some on premises services to cloud alternatives. Is it market practice to backup servers on AWS, or repositories on, or files on Google ...
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Restore backup with recent changes (not included in backup)

For a web application I was asked to design a backup strategy. At the moment there are hourly full backups (database and files). In light of the GDPR, and because it's just the way it should work, ...
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Version control: Backup vs. publishing

The situation: Our team of developers and testers is transitioning from ClearCase to git, in some pioneering fashion. While experience with git is limited there is some familiarity with Linux, cygwin ...
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Scheduling of parallel I/O-bound tasks (Backup solution)

I want to implement a backup solution in Python where a Backup-Server initiates backups on a number of virtual and physical servers (one server = one backup task). Disregarding the details of the ...
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Should an online platform be relied on to store mission critical files?

Context: With my team I created an "online platform" for a client which moved their operation from a paper based system to a content management system (CMS) based submission system on a Virturl ...
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How to handle shutdown/startup of a Java application that relies on real time events?

I have this Java project called Server. Server is essentially a single-threaded application that listens to events from external applications. These events are crucial and missing one is a huge deal. ...
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Is it redundant and unnecessary to do file backups of a repository that has a remote repo?

Is it redundant and unnecessary to periodically backup the files in a Git repo, that also has a remote repo? My understanding is all repositories are full backups. So an individual developer with a ...
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What is the difference between data retention and data archival?

The article at seems to suggest there is a difference. It isn’t very clear though what if the ...
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Should I backup gradle dependencies to git?

I always like to backup project dependencies myself in case they can't be resolved due to a down website or because certain versions aren't available for download any more. Should I trust the maven ...
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Filesystem superblocks and their backup copies

I'd like to understand how (modern) filesystems are implemented and having trouble to fully understand superblocks and their backups. I reference ext4 and btrfs, but the questions may also apply to ...
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syncing code with repo/backup [closed]

I am doing a small software project on my local PC. I'm the only person working on this. I'd like to back this up to the cloud every day so that if anything happens to my HDD I have a various copies ...
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Strategy for maintaining offline repository safely using git [closed]

I use git for versioning. Just yesterday I was working on refactoring my Python code base. After adding a test I found that I had introduced a bug in one of project euler solutions. So I checked out a ...
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How to implement differential backups without keeping copies of the original files on disk?

I am responsible for the design and development of a cloud backup application. Currently we are using xDelta to do differential backup so that only the changed parts of the files gets uploaded. This ...
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What is a battery backup up cache?

I've read an article about Innodb performance optimization an in that post the author was repeatedly mentioning someting named a "battery back up cache". It is not clear for me what he was talking ...
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How should I store an old project? [closed]

As a freelancer, I come across many projects. Its almost impossible to store a backup of all of the projects on my laptop. What are some better options to store them?
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Effective way of keeping past projects with their working development environment?

I find that whenever I want to go run a past project, it will take a long time before I can find it and before I have everything set-up again for it to be able to run. For example, I have python ...
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How can I mirror an SVN trunk repository into a regular network folder?

Me and a small team of engineers are considering using SVN to store our electrical schematics and parts libraries; currently we just have a network folder where we put all of our files. Our company ...
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Sharing Large Database Backup Among Team

I work on a team of three - five developers that work on an web application remotely. We currently run a full local database from a recent backup on all of our machines during development. The ...
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Combine auto-syncing cloud and VCS

This question brought me to another question: is there any VCS/tool for a VCS which automatically backups your source code between the last checkout and current changes? I had the problem of loosing ...
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Storing Projects on Google Drive (Cloud)

I've started using Google Drive for my cloud needs and backing up pretty much everything. I've got the app installed so it auto-sync's all my content in most things. My question is this, I am ...
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Using version control to manage site backups?

Last week I started making daily backups of my relatively small (~300mb) site. The backups are zipped, so it's less space, but it will quickly add up, especially as my site gets bigger. I was ...
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When should I backup files? [closed]

At our company we are not using a source control so we do backup manually. My habit is like this: I backup only scripts where I removed code snippets, and those scripts where I only added code ...
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When and how to commit? [duplicate]

I'm getting used in working with git at the moment. And I'm touching an issue that is unclear to me. I feel compelled, if I think of commiting after a change and making a documenting description. I ...
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What version control system can manage all aspects? [closed]

A few months ago I dug into Subversion and GIT and was disappointed. They handle SOURCE CODE fine but not other aspects. For example, a web site under version control needs to manage file/directory ...
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how do you back up your code on your local computer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Version control for independent developers? I have a folder containing all my code (working code, experiment code). I'd like to back it up to a zip file on an external hard ...
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What is ideal range (Min and Max date) for Calendar backup?

I need to take backup of calendar on my phone. We have requirement that we need to take backup of entire calendar data. Now, phone always supports recurring events. So, event may exist from 01-01-1601 ...
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backup visual studio folder and sql database [closed]

I like to backup things every night or say every week. I'm sure there's a more efficient way than emailing the solution folder and database files to myself! I don't have team foundation or any ...
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Term for Production Rollback

The firm I work at keeps a copy of the compiled source code on production. So basically on our Production server, we have two folders: ProductionServer\SourceCode\ ProductionServer\...
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How far should you be from your closest data backup?

Pretend for a moment that something catastrophic happened; you're hacked, and your production database becomes a mess. How far (time) should you be from your rolling out your latest backup and ...
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How should i set up my source folder?

I have /src/main/ with all my code (i also have /src/online, /src/prvlibs, /src/test, etc) but now i am thinking about moving a few non active projects out of the folder. Sure i could go in and delete ...
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