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A batch file is a text file containing a series of commands to be executed by the command interpreter on MS-DOS or Windows operating systems.

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Is real-time processing a synonym for streaming?

I watched two YouTube videos where in: 1st one - there are concepts of batch processing and stream ingestion and in the 2nd one - there is a comparison between batch and real time processing. Is it ...
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C# implement .bat file functionality, call bat file or implement from scratch in C#? [closed]

I have a bunch of scripts written in .bat files that I'm trying to implement into one big program using C#. These .bat files mostly do simple operations like copying files into network drives etc. ...
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Interactive and Batch traffic in one service [closed]

I am designing a workflow, and am trying to avoid parallel deployments of the same service. Thus I am looking to have one service that handles both interactive and batch traffic. My main concern is ...
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Python code template for scripts to be run in batch

I will be writing a number of Python scripts which will be run in batch daily on a Windows server. I am trying to develop a template for writing the scripts. My intention is to use a configuration ...
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Forecasting future batch sizes to balance throughput capacity?

I've a data streaming platform (Nifi) where I need to transfer tables of data between databases on given schedules. I want to be able to calculate in advance the optimum batch/schedule size i should ...
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Microservice architecture pattern for Batch based system

I have been exploring the microservice architecture for the batch-based system. Here is our current setup: Code: We have 5 systems that are internally connected and they pass data from one system ...
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Windows batch files (.bat) coding style standard

Is there any standard/encouraged Windows batch file coding style? I would think that if I want my batch files to be easy to read/mantain, I should care about this, but searching the web I found very ...
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