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Bitbucket is a hosting site for the distributed version control systems (DVCS) Git and Mercurial. The service offering includes an issue tracker and wiki, as well as integration with a number of popular services such as Basecamp, Flowdock, and Twitter.

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Migrating from Bitbucket to Github and using Git Flow

In our team we have up to 50 repos, of which about 15 are worked with regularly. The others are rarely changed, but it happens that we bring in 1-3 additional repos per release and work with them. We ...
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Should the Jira assignee change for testing? [closed]

We currently have Reporter and Assignee fields for Jira stories. For example, let's say we move from the 'Code review' column to the 'Ready for testing' column. Should the tester then come in, delete ...
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Git structure for multi platform projects

Currently I use SVN for my project and the structure looks like this: trunk/SharedLibrary/ trunk/platform/wordpress/ <- platform base directory trunk/platform/wordpress/SharedLibrary <- ...
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How to have SQL Server with Git, TeamCity and Octopus auto-deployment work with schema-level restrictions?

We are starting to integrate our SQL Server workflow with Git, by which I mean generating scripts for all objects and storing them in a Git repository so you can pull, edit, commit, push and apply, ...
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Handling multiple pull requests from a branch

Our current workflow is that we create a Sprint branch and then developers create Feature branches having the user story number. Once the story is complete this Feature branch is merged to Sprint ...
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How do I work on a new project and simultaneously add generic code to a base library with version control?

I work on several projects and sometimes they share a common base. How do you work with version control? Here's an example: I've got a boilerplate Wordpress plugin that I reuse. On each new ...
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managing multiple git repo that are similar [closed]

We are creating several websites, the main content will be the same across each of them but there will be some differences (e.g. extra button, extra texts, different styling) what is the best way to ...
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Rewriting software - clone or create new repo

I have a working web app that I version control using Git - call this v1.0. I learnt a lot during that development including some of the mistakes I made. I now want to re-write parts of the code to ...
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Finding convincing arguments to explain a poorly designed continuous integration pipeline

I'm designing a continuous integration pipeline using Bitbucket & Jenkins with only master and feature branches. I'm failing to find convincing arguments to the fact that my design is better. * ...
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How can I minimize git pain when everybody is working on master?

Our documentation team of about ten people recently moved from SVN to Git. In SVN, everybody worked on master -- a model I've always hated, but I wasn't able to bring about that change. As part of ...
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two level code review using git pull request in BitBucket

The following procedure: We have Development branch and Developer create feature branch from Development Work and commit in this branch Rebase from Development Create pull request Code review Merge ...
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Git workflows and subtrees

I am working on a team that is geographically distributed between Australia and the Philippines. Until recently, we have been using a single SVN server to maintain our code, with the server containing ...
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Best practice to revive and update old branch?

I'm a solo hobbyist developer with some code hosted on Bitbucket. I use TortoiseHg client-side for managing my repo. Back in 2013 I developed a feature on a branch but abandoned it before completion. ...
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How soon can/should someone issue a pull request for a new branch?

Pull requests are a great feature of modern vcs hosting. They provide a consolidated view of everything that's happened within a branch's development, including a master diff of the composite change, ...
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Bitbucket: repatriating a fork back to where it was once forked from

I am hoping for some advice on how best to perform a particular bitbucket/git maneuver which will fork a repo back to a team from which it was previously forked. Let's call it Repo R, originally in ...
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Why can't Pull Requests be seriously implemented in Mercurial?

A week ago, I was at LFNW and as I was talking with Larry Hastings after his talk, he said (paraphrased): There's something in Git that makes the Pull Request workflow possible that isn't there in ...
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Git repo with lots of medium-sized images?

I've just used git-tfs to checkout a TFS repo into a Git repo. The .git directory comes to 2.33GiB, and the primary reason for this is a couple of large directories coming to about 650MiB each. Each ...
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Using sourcetree/bitbucket how can I manage multiple projects using a common codebase?

I have made a few libraries that different projects use. When I make changes to projects, I sometimes make changes to the codebase, and I want to be able to manage this all through sourcetree. So, ...
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"Sensitive Data" clause in Bitbucket's Customer Agreement

I'm using Bitbucket for a few projects, but as of April 28, 2014 they will replace their End User Agreement with a new Customer Agreement. The new agreement mentions in 7.7.2: "You will not submit to ...
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How safe & trustworthy are hosting sites such as sourceforge, github or bitbucket for closed-source projects? [closed]

I am considering using sourceforge, bitbucket or github for managing source control for my business. I have open projects and I participate in open projects such as gcc. But I also have a business ...
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Examples of non open source projects on Bitbucket or Github

Need examples to show management that these are used for source control and effectively backup of projects. They will be concerned about having their source code off-site. If there are good ...
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How to organise projects with dependencies on BitBucket?

Both Mercurial and BitBucket make one fundamental assumption: 1 repo = 1 project. If I have a project that has a dependency (a library) which is shared by many projects, this assumption gets in the ...
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