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Microsoft BizTalk Server is a server product for Business Process Management and Enterprise Application Integration, developed by Microsoft.

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Write data to SQL Server directly from BizTalk or use external service?

An external source will be sending us XML data that BizTalk will pick up and transform into an internal schema. We need this data to be loaded into a SQL Server database as we're going to expose some ...
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How to control messages to the same port from different emitters?

Scene: A company has many factories X, each emits a message to the same receive port in a Biztalk server Y; if all messages are processed without much delay, each will trigger an outgoing message to ...
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Architecture for interfacing multiple applications

Let's say you have a Master Database and a few External/Internal applications that use WebServices to interface data. What would be your preferred architecture to interface data from and to those ...
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Is there an effective way to test XSL transforms/BizTalk maps?

Creating repeatable tests for BizTalk maps is frustrating. I can't find a way to handle testing them like I'd do unit testing, because I can't find ways to break them into logical chunks. They tend to ...
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