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Generally speaking can a Javascript-based application (iUI) be deployed without a webserver?

Suppose I have a Javascript based application written in iUI or Kendo UI. Can it be packaged in such a way they can run locally without a webserver? I have a few web applications, that with some ...
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Licensing for a commercial Blackberry app

I want to develop an app for a website (let's say in this case). Will I violate the Blackberry terms of service if I list an (paid) app for a website which I do not own? What about ...
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Developing BlackBerry app with 3rd party content

I'm working on a BlackBerry app, however I'm loading data from various 3rd party websites around the web. (E.g, posts from stackoverflow or currency rates off I'd like to know if this could ...
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Is it possible to create and distribute an app for the BlackBerry Playbook that doesn't go into App World?

My company is looking to create an app that we'll use internally on several (about 20) BlackBerry Playbooks. We don't want it to be put up on App World because it's just an internal application. I'm ...
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