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Providing a non-blocking IO API in a C library

I am working on a C library (SlipRock) for interprocess communication. The library currently exposes a simple, blocking API. This is easy to use, makes misuse (relatively) difficult (this is C after ...
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Blocking function call with asynchronous content

I am sure that this is a common design pattern, but I seem to have a blind-spot. I have a requirement that the function call from Application to Service be blocking, but service needs to do something ...
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Feeding std::streambuf for Non-Blocking std::istream Read

I want to write small library to guide a child process for a specific needs (not trying to reinvent bicycle here). My needs includes reading from child stdout and stderr. I want to implement this as ...
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Async web server and associated 'workers' implementation

In a regular WSGI service provider implementation there is a blocking HTTP server that services clients. When a client, for example, creates an invoice, the server simply makes a CRUD operation that ...
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