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How to model two bounded contexts with tight coupling between them

Context Hello, at my company we have been working with DDD for some time now. We have a monolith and some services. The bounded contexts in the monolith use HTTP calls to communicate between them or ...
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How handle foreign keys in bounded contexts inside a monolith?

in my company we have a Django monolithic application. To be clear, we are not looking into moving to micro-services. For the past few months, I have reading and implementing a DDD architecture inside ...
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0 answers

Maintaning isolation between modules in Django monolith

In our company we have a monolith. Right now is not that big but we are already seeing some problems with the isolation between the modules we have. Our setup is pretty similar to other Django ...
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5 answers

How not to share information across service boundaries in SOA?

We are often told to avoid sharing business data across service boundaries. However, I tend to see the need for a service to access data from a different service. An example of this would be IT ...
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1 answer

Should small overhead count towards an upper memory bound or rather be ignored?

I have a memory pool class that manages memory objects of fixed sizes, a bit like a primitive malloc() that can only return memory blocks of a few predefined sizes and unlike malloc() is guaranteed to ...
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1 answer

DDD bounded context between three Aggregates that share the same address entity and CQRS

We have many different aggregates that use an address entity. But we also have an address aggregate because we have a global address book as well. Aggregate Company has many Address Entities ...
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2 answers

Needs to understand the difference between boundary, controller, logical class types

As the title implies I am trying to understand the difference between boundary, controller and logical class types, which are used in the MVC pattern. I will do so using an example. Please consider ...
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3 answers

What defines a business rule, as opposed to application or presentation logic?

The way I explain it to myself is that a business rule is a requirement for a domain concept of an application. One of the core tasks of my current app is to send notifications. Therefore I have a ...
2 votes
1 answer

Should namespaces within a single project act as boundaries?

When working within a single project that contains multiple namespaces, should these namespaces be treated as boundaries? Or is it acceptable that any namespace can access any other namespace? For ...