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How to handle events in workflow orchestrator?

I am working on building a workflow orchestrator (like Camunda). It has nodes of type event. This represents a message has been received in the kafka topic which the orchestrator is listening to. The ...
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Orchestrator (like Camunda) between frontend and backend?

I have the following use case. We have both a frontend application and a backend application. Earlier, events on the frontend application directly call the backend application. Now we want to ...
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What BPMN symbol should I use when a service outside wants a BPMS to run a workflow?

I want to specify in a BMPN model that a workflow starts whenever a specific service outside tells me to. What standard BPMN symbol shall I use for this? Think of it as a company wants to start a ...
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ESB Services vs Services using Language

Our business domain is complex. Currently, our business is written using ASP.NET WEB API HTTP services. So, applications including web, mobile and desktop are talking with these HTTP apis. Now, one of ...
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Can BPM be created with just one lane?

BPMN is very popular notation for process modeling and it's theory is based on task sequences and work flows between actors. So it's seems that it's necessary condition to declare at least two lane (...
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What is the most appropriate standard for modeling B2B integration

This question might seem too broad, but I really need help with this. I am required to choose a standard or notation to model an integration between two business processes, one of which is external. ...
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What is the difference between a process model and a use case diagram?

When using bpmn to specify a process model. And using UML to specify a use case diagram. Don't they both describe processes? What's the difference between the two? I'm reading a course which states: ...
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Automated data processing in BPMN/BPEL?

In order to run complex simulations, I need to do preprocessing of data from various data sources. This is done by a bunch of Postgresql scripts. However, having only these is unsatisfactory, because ...
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BPMN(business process modelling and notation)

I was curious to find out the advantages of black box pools over white box pools and vice versa. I know blackbox pools are used to model an external participant, whist whitebox pools are used in ...
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Is JBPM the right tool for this? [closed]

We have a utility for monitoring directories and taking actions when files appear in those directories. It's in java and takes the form of a standalone jar which launches several threads when started: ...
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What is the value of workflow tools? [closed]

I'm new to Workflow developement, and I don't think I'm really getting the "big picture". Or perhaps to put it differently, these tools don't currently "click" in my head. So it seems that companies ...
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What standards to use in Business Process Modelling?

There are several approaches on how to model a business process in software applications (BPM software). For instance, a processes can be described in BPMN, EPC, IDEF0, SOMF, etc. Additionally, ...
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4 answers

How to use BPMN and use case and other diagrams together

I asked this question on stackoverflow, but it seems this question is not suitable there, so I post here for discussion. BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notations) is used for modeling business ...
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What is Business Process Management software? [closed]

I'm in a position to write something along the lines of business process management (BPM) software for a small to mid-sized company, but I have no clue about the design goals, and patterns I can adapt ...
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How do we learn BPM products? [closed]

What are the topics I should learn for a BPM (Business Process Management) product? I mean, do I need to learn BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation), BPEL (Business Process Excecution Language)? ...
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