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Is my git branch strategy best practice?

We are a small software team with 6 members. We are working on different software projects in our company. Before I joined the team no version control system was used. It was/is my task to reorganize ...
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Working on different release branches at the same time using git flow

In git flow, there is a point where you decide to create a branch from the current develop being the new release. For example 1.7. Everthing that is ready to this point is considered beeing in that ...
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How to improve my current development/release process

I'm looking for suggestions on how to modernise my development/release practices by potentially introducing some automation. I'll outline the current process to help explain why I'm currently ...
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Why shouldn't I merge two feature branches in git-flow?

When there are two feature branches that has some dependencies, and they are work in progress, but some piece of code want to be shared, why shouldn't I merge a feature into another?
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Is there justification for testing only master in an integration environment?

We have a series of environments; Let's call them Development, Integration, Business and Production. As a rule, we do not let master get deployed beyond Development, meaning any code which is to be ...
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TFS Branching for Xamarin Common Projects

I have a solution for Xamamrin.iOS and Xamarin.Android application with structure as below, Solution Root Common Project Xamarin.iOS Project Xamarin.Android Project I need to branch both iOS and ...
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