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Questions tagged [branching]

Branching, in revision control is the duplication of an object under revision control so that modifications can happen in parallel along both branches.

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TFS Branching an incomplete version

I am working on an application and it is at a point where I need to wait for an API to be delivered to complete it. It's almost there but not quite finished. My manager has told me he wants me to ...
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Justification for different code bases on different branches in the same repo?

Branches in git repos or similar are practically always derived from the same code base; after all, they're usually merged back in to master later. But, if you wanted your open source project on ...
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TFS Branching for Xamarin Common Projects

I have a solution for Xamamrin.iOS and Xamarin.Android application with structure as below, Solution Root Common Project Xamarin.iOS Project Xamarin.Android Project I need to branch both iOS and ...
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How can I make sure a branch gets duplicated in my development and main branches in TFVC?

I inherited a Visual Studio solution with a Main branch, a QA branch off of Main, and a DEV branch off of QA. It seems these are the only branches and they've existed for the lifespan of the solution. ...
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Git feature branch workflow for multiple branched features

I wanted to summarize a quick discussion we had in my stand-up today. We have a big feature branch merge coming up in our system. We are replacing the old live, system (branch master) with a redesign (...
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Is updating a remote-tracking branch by local branch a good practice?

In Pro Git you can see: Remote-tracking branches are references to the state of remote branches. They’re local references that you can’t move; they’re moved automatically for you whenever you ...
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Can I split a feature branch and then merge it back to the origin master branch without any issues?

I'm working on a project where the master branch is protected. Usual workflow: Always create feature branches off master and then send PRs. Once that has been merged into origin/master, I can pull it ...
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Implement Branching strategy in DevOps for Multi-Tenant application

I have asked this question on Stack Overflow and I got a suggestion of posting it here for better suitability. So here is my question : I am new to DevOps, and i have a solution with Umbraco as CMS, ...
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Should I further branch off of a new branch or continue developing an additional feature in the same branch?

I have a branch (dashboard) which I am developing a new feature on. To make the example easy to follow, I am developing two separate functions (function1() and function2()). They work how I want ...
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development branch information in release management tool

I'm designing a tool in my organisation to help me with release management. The organisation is composed of several small teams that manage their own repositories in git. The release manager is ...
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