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Why isn't there generic batching syscall in Linux/BSD?

Background: System call overhead is much larger than function call overhead (estimates range from 20-100x) mostly due to context switching from user space to kernel space and back. It is common to ...
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Why do I have to keep my open source software license in the root?

Nearly all open source software licenses require (or at least lawyers generally suggest they require) users to include the full license in the root of the project that they are protecting. One lawyer ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How do I fill in the BSD license template for multiple copyright holders?

I am involved in an open-source project with multiple copyright holders. The project is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. Unfortunately, the individual code files contain no reference back to ...
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Why are Apache 2.0 works excluded from OpenBSD?

From The original Apache license was similar to the Berkeley license, but source code published under version 2 of the Apache license is subject to additional ...
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Using a GPLv2 library in a web project

I'm trying to understand the way that GPLv2 works, and have a couple of questions. I'm going to describe a couple of scenarios, and want to know how GPL applies there. I make a web application that ...
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Open Source license that prevents from bundling with adware?

I wrote a small tool I published on my blog. I did not even think about the license, just put the binaries there for everyone to download. Now I am thinking about making it open source (BSD or GPL) ...
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How does a developer set up an environment to hack on an OS like Linux, Plan9 or BSD?

I've always found it daunting and confusing how an OS hacker sets up their workflow. As a web-developer I find it easy to set up a workflow because web-sites run on servers and as such my OS is never ...
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2 answers

Origin of the name “OpenServer” for the SCO Unix operating system

I was looking over the evolutionary history of Unix and Unix-like systems on Wikipedia and one operating system name stood out to me: OpenServer. Judging from the image, SCO's OpenServer is ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Do LAMP/Java-based software development teams have SOE's?

As a developer on the Windows/.NET stack, it's pretty normal for the company-supplied machine to come with Windows (usually an ancient, archaic version like Windows XP) and a stack of software pre-...
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Why do some embedded projects shun cross-compiling?

As I've been getting into embedded systems I've noticed that some projects (Arch Arm and OpenBSD for example) frown upon cross compiling. What is the reasoning for this? Is a cross-compiled binary ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Forking BSD-Project and changing license [duplicate]

Is it possible to fork a project (which I don't own) and change the license from BSD to for example LGPL / GPL / AGPL? I read it would be possible to change fork's license to something compatible to ...
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Run C program in debug mode (without debugger)

If I want my program to be able to run in debug mode, is it a good idea to make it accept a flag such as -D=DEBUG when I run the program? I currently have a DEBUG variable in a .h file but that I can'...
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Is any one of these the right way to write a license for your opensource project forked and modified from an existing one with different authors?

I've used parts of source from an existing Java library project with what appears to be a 3-clause BSD license. I've made significant changes to the library which makes it possible to use it in a new ...
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