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How much should developers be concerned about budget?

In an agile organization, how much (if at all) should developers be concerned about the budget allocated to a project? My opinion is that they should not be particularly concerned, because: a ...
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Giving a fixed project price when REST is involved

Whenever I am asked to give a quote for a project that involves a remote REST API, I become very cautious. Most of the REST API's I worked with had a documentation, but it usually turned out to be ...
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How to determine the cost of a story point?

How can I determine the monetary cost of a user story point in a given team? I was asked this question recently since the business is interested in determining how much a given project could cost ...
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How can I accurately estimate the minimum resources my application needs?

For an application that is starting out I do not want to over pay for servers and resources that will not be used since the budget is very limited at this point. This will be a for an iOS and Android ...
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How do I know how much to bill and how long a software development project will take, before analysis? [closed]

In software development we usually do a analysis phase where requirements are taken, user interfaces are designed (for software with ui), etc. After the analysis phase you know what to do, and you can ...
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Is there a way to infer a task's cost using Story Points or something else in Scrum?

We are a bunch of freelancers working together making websites and apps and we starting using Scrum recently. We're enjoying Scrum and its transparency but we're encountering a problem with the budget ...
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Tips for working with badly designed software [closed]

Currently in my job im working with a lot of older php systems which don't follow normalised design patterns and are frankly, a mess. As an ethical developer and someone who always strives to better ...
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Refactoring byzantine payment processing code on a limited budget [closed]

I've been working on a large Ruby on Rails application for several years. It was inherited in a poor state but most of the production bugs have been ironed out with time. There are some sections that ...
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How to budget for a programmer you're not ready to hire yet? [closed]

I am trying to work up a budget for an app, specifically a budget for hiring a third-party programmer to add a specific feature, and I'm trying to figure out how to get a decent number. The ...
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How to charge in agile iterative approach? [closed]

I have a doubt about budgeting when working with agile iterative approach. If I understood well, in agile at the end of each iteration we have usable product, so we have some of the requirements met ...
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Are costs part of the requirements?

I am new to requirements analysis and have a simple questions: Would you include the budget in the requirements, if e. g. the departments budget for running costs is 10k a year.
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51 votes
12 answers

Should a software developer get a yearly equipment budget? [closed]

I am looking at a new position with a new company. I have talked to some people in the past (in general, not at this company) that they had been given a yearly budget to buy new computer stuff to ...
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3 answers

How to best approach planning and budgeting of software performance optimization efforts?

There is a software system that has been with the client for some time now. If is feature-rich, mature, complex enterprise application that client uses in production. Due to the rapid expansion of the ...
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Avoid losing time making budget

I often receive some potential client who wants me to make his web site. Some of them end up as real clients and give the project. Some others (the most) have no idea about prices and times. For ...
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Is it acceptable for projects to go over budget?

This question is something that's been bugging me for the past 3 months since I switched from being a freelancer to working at a Web Design firm. Our sales people often ask us something similar to ...
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