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New components that implement an abstract component, vs variants on a single component.

I have created some stateless functional components that represent round social media icons used for links/sharing, the code looks like this: AbstractRound import React from 'react'; import { ...
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Using SPA ( Single-page-application) in production with separate configuration file/module

Problem statement dev team Dev team wants to pre-build the SPA's (Angular App & React App) and provide single package containing JS, CSS, & HTML file. There's no server-side rendering / lazy ...
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Is it a good practice to have one bundle per view in Asp Net MVC

Since bundling and minification is all about optimization and making pages load faster, it appears to me that it would be logical to create one bundle for scripts and one bundle for styles per view ...
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Is it better practice to bundle scripts into a single bundle per page, or have several bundles?

In a web application I'm working on, there are 3 types of scripts (same applies to stylesheets): Those needed on every single page (e.g. jquery) Those needed on several pages, but not all (e.g. a ...
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How do webpack and gulp complement each other?

I've started with TypeScript 2.5 years ago with Visual Studio and ASP.Net MVC. VS Web Essentials would compile ts files on save and the WebOptimizer library would bundle them together at runtime in a ...
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Should I download scripts from a CDN or bundle everything into one script?

I am using jQuery, angular, bootstrap, along with some custom js files. Currently, I have everything bundled into one script. Since, jQuery, angular, and bootstrap are available via CDN, is it ...
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Bundling style and script files in asp MVC layout page

How to bundle style and script files using layout in asp MVC? Here is an example. Layout1 uses style and script file for header and footer functionality. Sections are declared. View1 uses Layout1 . ...
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Should I group all of my .js files into one large bundle?

One of the difficulties I'm running into with my current project is that the previous developer spaghetti'd the javascript code in lots of different files. We have modal dialogs that are reused in ...
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Can I bundle my JavaScript code with an MIT licensed code and keep my code unaffected from the MIT license?

Can I bundle my proprietary JavaScript code with MIT licensed libraries (e.g. JQuery, AngularJS) into the same file, distribute it via HTTP but disallow my users to use my own code as an MIT licensed ...
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