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Questions tagged [c11]

C11 refers to the ANSI C language standard finalized in 2011.

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Why were variable length arrays made optional in C 2011?

When VLAs were introduced in C 1999, I thought it was a great innovation to the language. However, having learned it was made optional in C 2011, I am wondering what led to its change in status, and ...
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Could ANSI C standardized linkage syntax from early C wrong? [closed]

Recently I came up to something illogical, reading the latest ANSI C paper. It was talking about linkage but it never mentioned a way to declare internal identifiers inside block-scope (or at least in ...
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Why are zero length VLAs allowed in C99, but not in C11 any more?

In the comments to this former question, there was a discussion if the C standard allows variable length arrays (VLAs) of length 0 or not. As it turns out, the C99 standard states: In Array ...
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Is it acceptable to use C11 generic macros in Objective-C to box numbers?

I was getting tired of repeating types when writing things like this: NSDictionary* d = @{@"so": [NSNumber numberWithInt:index]), @"much": [NSNumber numberWithBool:accepted]), ...
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