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Questions regarding cache algorithms by applications and implementations of information caching by database engines and other information repository and presentation applications.

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So Singletons are bad, then what?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the problems with using (and overusing) Singletons. I've been one of those people earlier in my career too. I can see what the problem is now, and yet, ...
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Why is CPU cache memory so fast?

What makes CPU cache memory so much faster than main memory? I can see some benefit in a tiered cache system. It makes sense that a smaller cache is faster to search. But there must be more to it.
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Pattern for caching DAOs: strategy or decorator?

I'm building a php system with the Services/DAOs/Domain Models pattern, and now is the time to implement a caching system for the DAOs. Would you use a decorator pattern, or maybe the strategy ...
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Dealing with browser cache in single-page apps

I'm trying to figure out how to properly handle the web browser cache for single page apps. I have a fairly typical design: several HTML, JS and CSS files implementing the SPA, and a bunch of JSON ...
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Best practices for unit testing methods that use cache heavily?

I have a number of business logic methods that store and retrieve (with filtering) objects and lists of objects from cache. Consider IList<TObject> AllFromCache() { ... } TObject FetchById(...
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How do you off load work from the database?

In at least the web development field, web servers are everywhere but are backed by very few database servers. As web servers get hit with requests they execute large queries on the database, putting ...
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How do I cache data that rarely changes?

In my ASP.NET application there is some data that doesn't change often and so there is no point in querying the database to re-check it every time. In my current situation I am checking user ...
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Do application-level caches belong inside web servers?

A coworker and I have a disagreement about where the cache for a webserver should go. We currently have it implemented as a global (static) in-process cache, which I don't agree with. I think the ...
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Clairvoyance in caching - optimal strategies?

This question relates to the question here, but I'll generalise it so that you can answer effectively without reading all of that. Context: Imagine you had a large set of data greater than your ...
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Caching in '3D' - data-structures and octree recursion - hrrm!

The Situation: I have 68GB of data that is conceptually realized as a 3D matrix of 8-bit values with dimension 4096*4096*4096. I need to access multiple sections of this data for processing in a ...
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Should processing/filtering be performed client side or server side for catalog based apps

Device targeting for product XML catalog We currently have a webservice that outputs an XML of products based on get parameters in the request. The webservice is consumed from a windows mobile ...
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