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Apache Camel™ is a versatile open-source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns.

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What Should An FTP to REST Process Look Like?

I am writing a new application where the clients want to communicate using files over (S)FTP. The first use case is that the client puts a file on the FTP server at end of day. I then process it and ...
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When using a DSL to structure my application, should I favor coupling the code with the DSL, or trying to have majority of my code independent of it?

We're currently using the Apache Camel Java DSL to structure our application, but I guess this question can mostly apply to any DSL in general. Now, amongst our developers, we are divided on two polar ...
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Is ESB an architectural pattern or it is a solution?

So I'll take the context of Red Hat FUSE as an example because this is what I know. I know that Apache Camel which is the library on which is based FUSE doesn't consider itself an ESB (http://camel....
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Camel processor interface on abstract class

I have an abstract class with one or two protected methods needed for the subclasses. abstract class TransformRouteProcessor { protected String doX(String arg1){ //doX code } ...
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Camel/EIP/ESB with messaging from a website to process an order; synchronous and asynchronous

I am investigating Camel for connecting various services. I understand the core concepts but I was curious about more specific implementation details. This application would have a browser client ...
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