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How do you fix the wrong-case-sensitivity dictionary setting bug-pattern?

There is a coding anti-pattern I've noticed (while using .Net). You declare a data class, which is supposed to have a dictionary field (or get/set Property), and lets call it 'Properties', for the ...
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What happen to string.ToCommonSenseCase()?

I'm very confused about this. In most programming languages, there are string.ToUpperCase(), string.ToLowerCase(), sometimes Capitalize() (which capitalize the first letter of the string), even ...
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Static analysis for finding capitalisation / case inconsistencies in file names

TLDR; I'm looking for ideas on how to flag code containing file names/paths that have inconsistent capitalisation with the actual file/directory. Situation I am migrating a significant code base ...
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pcre case insensitivity: handle escape sequences as raw bytes?

Consider the following regex (no unicode): Example:\x04\x05\x41 Suppose you search this regex case-insensitively. Would you expect it to search the final \x41 in case-sensitive manner? People whom I ...
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3 answers

Programming around email address case sensitivity

Like many websites, we use email addresses as user identifiers for logins. RFC 5321 [#2.3.11] states that the local parts of email addresses: MUST be interpreted and assigned semantics only by the ...
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What are the pros and cons of having a CaseInsensitiveString type in Java? [closed]

I'm tempted to create a final class CaseInsensitiveString implements CharSequence. This would allow us to define variables and fields of this type, instead of using a regular String. We can also have ...
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