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Have there been studies on the effectiveness of OOP in managing software complexity? [closed]

OOP is often regarded as an effective strategy of managing complexity in software, as opposed to non-OOP procedural programming. Have there been any studies testing this notion? Is it proven that OOP ...
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Has "Not everyone can be a programmer" been studied?

An old adage that many programmers stick to is "It takes a certain type of mind to learn programming, and not everyone can do it." Now I'm sure that we all have our own trove of anecdotal evidence, ...
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Is there a case study that convincingly demonstrates that clean code improved development? [closed]

I'm in my first real job as programmer and what I see is just the "Big Ball of Mud" code (without useful comments too), but I like to do clean code, and it's really hard for me to code in a worse way. ...
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Studies of open source software adoption

I'm not 100% sure this is approriate here, but I figure the area of study is particular to programmers, since it's open source software. If it's better posted somewhere else then please say so and I ...
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Case studies for successful service (project) based software development businesses without constant overtime from its employees [closed]

I work for an IT company that is primarily services (project) based rather than product based. All software engineers are salaried. The company has set new expectations that everyone should work 48 ...
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Studies on breakdown of various costs associated with a Software project [closed]

I am looking for links and advice on studies done on the breakdown of costs associated with Software development. In particular I am looking on what percentage of effort is testing vs programming, ...
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Why do so few large websites run a Microsoft stack? [closed]

Off the top of my head, I can think of a handful of large sites which utilize the Microsoft stack Dell MySpace PlentyOfFish StackOverflow Hotmail, Bing, WindowsLive However, based on ...
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