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How can I curate a large collection of software? [closed]

In a given organisation I have a set of several software repositories, including re-usable libraries and applications that may contain parts that are possibly worth re-using but have not been ...
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What is the proper name for software that helps to curate a collection of reusable software components? [closed]

Is there an accepted name for a system a level above a source code repository such as a git repo (but perhaps lowever level than github or cpan)? Perhaps a specific kind of CASE tool? Facilities this ...
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How to map an API into another one?

After some google search, I feel still in the mud. I am wondering whether what is the best approach for writing wrappers mapping two similar APIs that offer similar semantics but perhaps in different ...
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Alternatives to *documents* in the SDLC?

Since no one prints anything any more, the concept of actual project documents (meaning, a monolithic piece of formatted text) seems like it could be improved on. Problems with documents are things ...
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Newbie worried about CASE tool

I'm looking for some guidance on CASE tools and whether my concerns are valid. Recently I was in a meeting between my employer and an external software company which have a CASE tool currently in ...
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