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A Content Delivery/Distribution Network (CDN) caches data at various nodes in a network.

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CDN monitoring for cost distribution [closed]

I'm aggregating a lot of data from different vendors and have to provide an unified data set to a set of clients. The clients will be identified with a specific identifier upon fetching the data from ...
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Cons of sending content-available=true and content-priority=high in BULK FCM messages?

While sending FCMs, I've noticed these two headers are important(message won't go without these headers), but what could be the cons of sending both of these headers as it is? I tried to read about ...
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How could creating symlinks/aliases to files on S3 work, while still taking advantage of CDN optimizations?

I am trying to imagine a website/system where only 1 copy of a file is ever stored, but multiple users get their own custom link to the file, and it uses the CDN features. For this question we can ...
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Is it bad practice for my server to fetch content from my CDN - rather than S3

I want to run a batch process, processing all the media I'm storing behind a CDN, on S3. I could access S3 directly with my servers S3 credentials, or go via my CDN, thoughts? Using the CDN would be ...
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What is the added value of using cache control header on top of CDN for a web application?

I'm a developer on a website which has a server which serves HTML and another server which handles API requests. I use a CDN to cache both the HTML and API responses. I feel that it gives me all the ...
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How does a CDN get "data" when there's hundreds of terabytes stored in data centers?

I am still trying to wrap my head around CDN's in a real world scenario. Suppose I am building a Netflix clone. I have about 1,000 terabytes of video content stored in an S3 bucket. Since Netflix ...
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Serve static files with a third party CDN but preserve statistics data?

I am building a service that is servicing a lot of audio files. The issue is that I need to keep a record on what files are being accessed. My initial thought was to use BackBlaze B2 with CloudFlare ...
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How to best serve zipped HTML packages to global audience

We have a content authoring tool that creates interactive learning activities (imagine a multiple choice quiz) packaged as self contained zip files that contain an index.html css / js / media assets (...
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Automatically push content to CDN

Here's the thing: we have a website which has some i18n. Translations are maintained in DB and manually exported into JSON files which are consumed by our SPA one time on load. Now I have the ...
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Providing Local JS and CSS Resources for CDN Fallbacks

Given that CDNs are a Good Thing because they can serve resources closer to the client, the client can cache them, and you can reduce load on your own server. In recent browsers, loading resources ...
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Speed up dynamic content delivery [duplicate]

Imagine a website operating from the US, providing some web services to customers around the world. Sometimes is takes up to 200ms just to establish a connection between Australia and US. It's ...
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Content CDNs and dynamic content

I am curious as to how dynamic web applications play with content delivery networks such as cloudflare, amazon cloudfront, etc. I understand the concept of a cdn obtaining a cache of your static pages ...
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How to handle static-ish content from a CDN with authentication?

I have a website that allows user uploads of content. Part of the design, to date, involves storing the user content on a NAS that has been configured with a separate app pool in IIS that has ...
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