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Change Requests Billing

I have a website developed for my client, and he's currently on an annual maintenance billing for the same post development pushed to production, that he'd paid me for the development charges ...
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How to avoid changing the signature on a well-used method?

The Existing Code I have a C# project with about 45000 lines of code. It has a utility/helper class which contains static methods which make it easier for my code to work with PDFSharp/Migradoc to ...
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How to integrate versions with changelog?

Before I start the question I want to tell you guys I'm new to this type of workflow. The previous companies I worked didn't used Version Control and/or changelogs. Also, I've been working as ...
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In SemVer 2.0.0, what kind of public API change category is the addition of a new exception?

I am working on an implementation for an existing public API. Now I needed to change the implementation to throw an exception for a failure condition about which previously the API consumer was not ...
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Dealing with conflicting project requirements

I tried to find an existing topic on this subject but I could not find one that was a good fit, my apologies if I was not thorough enough. Basically we have a web application that serves multiple ...
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Changelog Management [closed]

I'm currently developing a WinForm application. In order to inform the client about the improvements and corrections made during the last version, I would like to manage and display a changelog. I ...
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How to implement change and new tools in a small dev team? [closed]

I have been tasked with producing a plan for implementing a slight change to the work of our developers (there are eight of us working at this company). The change affects a small portion of our work, ...
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If someone changes their license, does it apply to previously forked projects under the prior license?

Say someone puts their code on GitHub, under the MIT license. Then I forked it and use it in my project. Then they change the license so that it has a strict license that does not give permission to ...
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License change of original source from Apache 2.0 to LGPL

About a year or so ago, I forked a project licensed under Apache 2.0 and made extensive changes and additions to the code, a good portion of which I contributed back freely to the community. ...
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How can I better manage far-reaching changes in my code?

In my work (writing scientific software in C++), I often get asked by the people who use the software to get their work done to add some functionality or change the way things are done and organized ...
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Code maintenance: To add comments in code or to just leave it to the version control?

We have been asked to add comments with start tags, end tags, description, solution etc for each change that we make to the code as part of fixing a bug / implementing a CR. My concern is, does this ...
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Are there any good, open-source change request systems? [closed]

I have a need to make a somewhat custom change request system (very high auditing requirements). Instead of completely reinventing the wheel I was wondering if there's an open-source change request ...
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svn - when will I see conflicts?

I am just starting a new position and using svn rather than git (my favorite). With svn if there are any conflicts will I see them after an svn update or after an (attempt) to svn commit? In other ...
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Is it common for developers to deal with extensive change control procedures? [closed]

This question requires a bit of setup, please bear with me. Last week my company rolled out a new change management procedure. Any change destined for production requires a change control record; ...
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Best practice to keep the changes in the project well documented

What is the best practice and software you use to document change related document. lso, how you prefer to document the changes in the project. Let say, you got a requirement to make some changes ...
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Who is Responsible for Setting Up An Automated Builds System?

I am a project manager at my company. I work with a few teams of developers using a standard, well-known version control system known as CVS. I'd like to see continuous integration and automated ...
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Release/Change management - best aproach

I asked this question an year ago in StackOverflow and never got a good answer. Since Programmers seems to be a better place to ask it, I'll give it a try... What is the better way to work with ...
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How do you manage a complexity jump?

It seems an infrequent but common experience that sometimes you're working on a project and suddenly something turns up unexpectedly, throws a massive spanner in the works and ramps up the complexity ...
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