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1 answer

Should I generate reports client or server side? [closed]

I am thinking of a standard AJAX setup (JS<->PHP<->MySql). I want to generate reports (charts, tables, etc) probably using at maximum a few dozen data points (certainly never over 1k). I am ...
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1 answer

How to compute data for charting?

I'm building a charting component that displays data directly from the raw data records. It should be able to filter data (subset) and then perform some rudimentry maths on the data (sum, avg, etc). ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Designing javascript chart library

I started coding a chart library on top of d3js: My chart library. I read Javascript API reusability and Towards reusable charts. However, I am NOT really following the suggestions because I am not ...
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1 vote
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Cumulative charts within Webdesign

A rather simple question here, With regards to web design and the paperwork behind it (Which I am sure many people/companies don't actually do). Would there be any reason for using a Cumulative ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Can a flow diagram have more than one start?

I'm drawing a flow diagram which should visualize the communication between 4 services I created. Now I've got a question I'm not quite sure about. There are two ways the services could be started. ...
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How to present asynchronous state change in chart or diagram?

I started to study about state transition chart. As I see, it assumes all state transition is done instantly with no time consuming. But in most of my case, I'm heavily depending on asynchronous I/O, ...
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Is there a graph with FOSS licenses detailing what can be linked with what?

I'm looking for a chart like this: Basically something that tells you whether an app with a given license can be linked with a library of a given license. Does such a thing exist?
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