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Clean Architecture is a book by Robert C. Martin that contains solutions to architecting software solutions. Collectively these concepts are referred to as "Clean Architecture".

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Clean Architecture: Use case containing the presenter or returning data?

The Clean Architecture suggests to let a use case interactor call the actual implementation of the presenter (which is injected, following the DIP) to handle the response/display. However, I see ...
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Is "Clean Architecture" by Bob Martin a rule of thumb for all architectures or is it just one of the options?

I really liked the concepts in the video The Principles of Clean Architecture by Uncle Bob Martin. But I feel like this pattern is like a combination of Abstract Factory and Builder patterns at its ...
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What should presenters return in Clean Architecture?

In Clean Architecture, a use-case calls a presenter, based on the agreed output object. When the presenter is called, it returns a ViewModel used by the view. That is fine until you have more than two ...
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Clean Architecture - Too many Use Case Classes

I'm going into Clean Architecture and lift my Android level from MVC to MVP, introducing DI with Dagger 2, Reactivity with RxJava 2, and of course Java 8. In MVP clean architecture there is a layer ...
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Which Clean Architecture Areas do Gateways interfaces and their implementations belong to?

Talking about gateways from the Clean Architecture, it is required to distinguish: The interfaces The implementation of these interfaces The TypeScript example: // === Interface =====================...
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Using a "Pass-through (God) Service" is bad, right? [duplicate]

My team has developed a new service layer in our application. They created a bunch of services that implement their interfaces (E.g., ICustomerService, IUserService, etc). That's pretty good so far. ...
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Clean Architecture: Should each view have its own presenter and viewmodel?

I am still thinking about clean architecture and just ran into a question regarding the higher levels (Views and Presenters) I am posting Uncle Bobs picture first here that you remember what I am ...
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Clean Architecture: Dependency Rule and Libraries/Frameworks

In Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin the dependency rule points strictly from the outermost layer/ring to the innermost. As an example a Dependency Injection Framework should lie on the ...
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Doesn't repository pattern in clean architecture violate Dependency inversion principle?

From what I have read and seen clean architecture assumes that you have some entities which know nothing about persistence though at the same layer as they reside there might be an interface which has ...
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Where to convert primitive types in meaningful types in Clean Architecture / Onion Architecture

The book "Implementing Domain Driven Design" (page 361) suggests to use special types to distinguish several kinds of IDs, e. g. using BookId(1) instead of just 1 of type Int or Long. In my Clean ...
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Clean Architecture use case testing

Use case interactors in the Clean Architecture consists of the application specific business rules. Interactors uses the Data Access Interface to fetch the required data from the data access layer. ...
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Must the use cases extend the entities in Clean Architecture?

Currently I don't understand the Use case concept enough good - too much abstract definitions but no particular examples. The section Use Cases of Chapter 20 Business Rules does not including any code ...
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In which layer should I load views on a Clean(ish) architecture?

I am trying to organize my architecture following the clean architecture while using some common practices/frameworks. I'm writing in PHP, but have no problem with other languages. The flow of my app ...
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Clean Architecture: How to decouple the Repository from a CommandHandler?

We are just starting with event driven (and clean) architecture. So far we have two main entrypoints, a consumer (reader from a Redis Stream / Kafka Topic), and an API. As this is almost a modular ...
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How big should database adapters/gateways be?

Outline When you build an Adapter that connects your application and the database, How big should you make this adapter? Should it contain all possible queries that could be made to the DB? Do you ...
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How to pass the entity's domain to the repository layer - clean architecture and spring JPA

According to Should I use a layer between service and repository for a clean architecture - Spring the Peristance layer is deprecated because the Repository is already an abstraction. UML solution of ...
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