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Using Git in Enterprise environment [closed]

Git is an excellent version control system. If we exclude the fact that, it doesn't have an excellent GUI support, it's really good and fast. But the source controls like Clearcase has large support ...
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Should I be concerned with dependencies?

Our organization uses IBM ClearCase to manage its versioning controls (for better or worse). We've been working on our application for several years now, and a large number of activities have started ...
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Why exactly is Git's pull and push approach better than Clearcase's locking and hijacking approach?

I'm trying to convince colleagues about using Git, and somehow it's hard to explain the advantage of doing a pull before a push, because just before pushing, some other developer has pushed his ...
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How does ClearCase prioritize deliverable activities?

We're performing a delivery from our Developer stream to the Integrated stream that we share - this process allows our build team to construct our application from the Integrated view. This is for a ...
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Multistream Project v/s Single Stream project

If we want to have code reviews before a developer delivers his work, then can you suggest whether multi stream project { i.e., each developer create his own stream and view and later deliver to ...
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What to put in which kind of comment in ClearCase?

I'm used to comments in Git and Mercurial repositories: Commit comments, which may involve multiple files over the whole repository - has a comment. Commits without comments are possible, but rare (...
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Some questions about ClearCase [closed]

I am a mercurial person. I even use it as an incremental backup tool. I used to use SVN and CVS. In a recent project, I had to to use clearcase and encountered lots of issues with it. For example, I ...
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