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Questions tagged [client]

It refers to client-server model where service requester is called client.

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How do I choose the right Websocket API

I'm doing a project where I have to control a live DALI controller and I'm sending data from the website to the controller with Websocket. How do I know what Websocket to use? At the moment I'm ...
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Microservice & Clients interaction : Best way to persist previous API state information in successive API calls

Problem We have multiple microservices, like Home, Menu & Cart, exposed via Gateway. Each one has API exposed to the app. Now, each API has certain information that is needed by the successive API....
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Are there some best practices how to build a client library for an API?

I was tasked to create an API client library for our already existing API. I tried to research some ways how to approach this but couldn't find anything. Are there some best practices how to build ...
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