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Questions tagged [client]

It refers to client-server model where service requester is called client.

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How to assure client that we will complete our project and won't run away with the money [closed]

I have decided to work as a freelancer. I have developed a software and have successfully given the presentation demo. The client liked it and has agreed to implement the project in his organisation. ...
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Make an app that communicates with an app on a server over wifi [closed]

This is a very broad question, and I'm just looking for a pointer in the right direction more than a specific answer, but it's something I've always wondered and never known. Lets say I have a ...
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constants/enums in API

What are a few ways constants and enums are dealt with when creating an API Client? I'm writing a client in python for our API and I've hit a sticking point with this. We use a lot of mappings to ...
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A Server sending data to be processed to clients [closed]

About a year ago I had an idea in mind which was using my friends computers to help me process my data, so I programmed a socket server application with boost::asio, and gave the client part of it to ...
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Should we be completely honest to our clients about a time frame for a project?

I have been having this experience for sometime now, when a client needs a software product and contacts me, the client usually wants to know the time frame on which this product will be accomplished. ...
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The right place to embed a parser : Server or the Client?

I'm writing a database management software. It has a client-server architecture where the server has the piece of code to store and retrieve. The client has to get the input from the user, connects to ...
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Building a strong robust client-server system

I need some help with regards to implement a pre-designed system that has 4 components and several constraints. I've spent approximately 50 hours trying to determine the best way to build this system; ...
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How to architect a P2P application

[Moved here at the suggestion of SO users (10k SO+)] I'd like to develop a peer-to-peer application. While I have a lot of experience in LOB apps, I'm new to the P2P arena. I've got a rough idea of ...
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Should I re-download my server data after each change?

I have a simple DB editor that sits on the client. When I make changes via the editor, should I re-get all my data, as some of it is changed, or can I just do a check to make sure the procedure ran ...
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Which .NET technology would work as an improvement for this client/server application?

I am helping a friend with his rewrite of his .NET application, currently using WinForms + sockets, which is a client/server program that currently has on average ~120 concurrent users (sending ...
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What to do when a client asks for something unreasonable (from my point of view)

I'm a freelance programmer and recently I finished a website, it all works fine but there was one user that complained to my client that he couldn't log in. This problem was clearly a cookie-...
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AGPL License - does it apply in this scenario?

There is an AGPLv3 based software (Client) that makes web service calls (using SOAP) to another software (Server - commercial, cloud based). There is no common code or any connection whatsoever ...
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Should I Use WCF For My Purpose?

I wrote two programs that server and client can connect to each other (one program for server and another for client) with their IP addresses (socket programming). Now I want to modify it so that if ...
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Ambiguous program requirements

it seems that most of the programming exercises that I am currently doing, are a little bit ambiguous when it comes to specifying what should I do. When programmers work with clients, are the clients ...
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What to do when a client has unrealistic expectations? [closed]

I've been working on a project for the past six months at a client site, since they require data confidentiality and didn't want us to work at our own office. When I showed up alone to this client ...
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How do you convince the client their application's backend needs a rewrite?

I have been supporting a LOB winforms application for a client the last 3 years. The application is built with a simple monolithic architecture and uses .NET 2.0. The application is a core part of ...
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Security using jsonp

I'm writing an app that will make available a set of api functions that require cross site scripting to work. I'll be utilizing jsonp which will allow other developers to consume these services for ...
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