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What is the best way to retain a local object which is performing an asynchronous task?

My problem is the following: inside a method I'm creating an object like this: MyObject* myObject = [MyObject new]; Then I want it to perform an asynchronous task like this: [myObject ...
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iOS CloudKit - Store NSData representations of classes or create individual records with individual fields?

I have an app that already locally archives user created objects and has for several years. Each archived object can have several nested objects or arrays of objects in it--all of which conform to ...
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MVC design in Cocoa games: Is it possible?

I'm working on creating games on OS X, using the Cocoa framework, the probably only and best way to utilize all the capabilities of this operating system. Since Cocoa is MVC, I have to frame my games ...
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What is the correct Object Design/Architecture for the following scenario?

I am developing some custom controls in an Object Oriented language (using Swift/Cocoa but this is a technology agnostic question). In particular, I have a horizontal and vertical set of buttons that ...
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Testing: Should I wrap system notifications and send my own?

In the current Cocoa app I'm working on, I've got an object, RecordScheduler, which responds to two types of notifications, "day did pass" and "quicksaving interval did pass". In both cases, the ...
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Modelling Login and Authentication on an iOS mobile client

I'm about to start working on a V2 of a mobile application and I'd like to adopt a more object-centric approach. Primarily because I think it makes for more maintainable code, but a secondary ...
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NSException in init when having a custom designated initialiser?

I have a custom View Controller that is a subclass of UIViewController that requires a data object to be set up properly. Without this object, showing the VC doesn't make any sense. So I created a ...
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Getting rid of Massive View Controller in iOS?

I had a discussion with my colleague about the following problem. We have an application where we need filtering functionality. On any main screen within the upper navigation bar, there is a button ...
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Implement a file system for ios devices

I've read that ios apps can communicate via unique urls. An online tutorial on tutsplus says Communication between apps provides your application with an opportunity to take advantage of other ...
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How should I expand Jenkins to help me release?

Pushing new Sparkle releases of our internal apps is a pain. I have to make the build, make the release notes file, sign the .zip with the private key, and add a new entry to the appcast file tying ...
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Project Resource Organization and Structure at Cocos2d-X Development

Cocos2d-X is a game engine framework based on Cocos2d-iPhone, which consists of expanding supported platforms, with multiple choice of programming languages thats shares the same API structure. What ...
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How can I create a software patcher for OS X?

I'm building some software for OS X that isn't distributed through the Mac App Store. My software allows users to download different modules uploaded by various people too. How can I create a ...
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Why use Pascal with Cocoa/Cocoa Touch?

I'm surprised to find that it might be possible to use Pascal with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. This is an interesting turn of events, as Pascal was the favored language for Mac development ...
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New to iPhone Development - iOS5 Storyboard [closed]

I'm new here and pretty new to iOS development. My question is basically, should I learn the old school development methods or just learn how to do things using the latest tools (i.e. Storyboard)? I'...
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Cocoa Applications: Use custom preference dialog or system preference app?

When writing Cocoa Applications for MacOSX, you have the choice of either having a custom preference dialog, or using the to manage your preferences. Functionality wise, there is no ...
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