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Are there signs of bad code reviews?

I have been working almost for a year in my current place. It is a product team over some domain. Here are some example reviews I am getting every now and then (Scala). Removing unneeded wrapping ...
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How to be (more) critical during Code Reviews? [closed]

I'm a Software Engineer who sometimes need to review the code of my fellow team members. I often look at the source code and think; this looks fine. I'm having a hard time to think critical about it. ...
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GoLang for-loop variable scope change and Table driven testing

As I was reading this blog post: about scope of loop variables and as I’m trying to learn #GoLang, I asked myself the question: “okay, but is really so common ...
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Code review from domain non expert

My team has a mixture of specialties, there's some overlap however. When some commits are done from person A (who is expert in some domain) and person B (who is not expert in that domain) I wonder if ...
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Should we create a new function for every multiple conditions?

I have the existing code provided below: if (!$existing_records && !$has_required_field) { return 'Skip Update, no records found'; } elseif (!$existing_records && $...
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Test A requires reviewing other files to prove it is correct. Test B doesn’t but has more than one assert

Say you want to test an update capability across a CRUD api. Test A updates a field, queries it, and asserts that it now has the value from the update. Knowledge about the starting value (and that it ...
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How do I find indicators to show that code review is improving quality of a code base?

I was asked to review and handle merge request for a code base, which has been contributed by dozens of programmer with basically no regulation (or perhaps there was but nobody follows), so I set up ...
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Should the usage of an needlessly mutable type by pointed out in code reviews, even when multi-threading is not a concern? [closed]

None of my team's programs care about multithreading, parallelisation, async, or anything else that benefit from immutability. However, immutability is clearly in fashion at the moment and I'm ...
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How do I find a good balance in the number and sizes of pull requests I raise? [closed]

Background I've been working with a team of 6 for the last couple of months doing enterprise software development. About half the team is very new (2-6 months). We loosely follow Kanban and manage/...
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When code review becomes a formality what procedure can I take to amend it?

I am dev manager, managing 8 developers. I am facing a problem that the code review becomes more and more a formality even though we all know the code review is important. We do have code review ...
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Code review turned into rewrite, should I push my changes?

I was reviewing a pull request of a programmer that works under me, and found that in testing fixes to their code, I ended up completely rewriting it. Should I push my changes and then explain what I ...
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Aiding code review with an additional pull request

I am curious how others tackle the issue of needing small, sometimes trivial changes in a pull-request. The problem crops up a lot where I work. A developer completes a task and makes a pull-request, ...
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Should PR reviews check for code correctness?

When doing PR reviews, should the reviewer be checking that the code is correct (e.g. the logic is correct, etc.) or should the only focus be higher level concepts (e.g. architectural/functional/etc.)?...
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Workflow for splitting large pull request into multiple reviews

Nobody wants to review a large PR from one go. The issue is to split a (relatively large) feature into multiple smaller PRs. The rules of the game are This is a single feature, which cannot be ...
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Is it necessary to understand the requirements of a change in order to perform an effective code review?

Can an effective code review be performed without first understanding the intent behind the code?
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How to manage pull request review and approvals

In our team we have a recurrent problem that we are not able to solve. As long as the team grows, we tend to accumulated PRs at the end of the sprint / release and these become a bottleneck to advance ...
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How to review a PR where I think the complexity is gratuitous?

I am in this situation where I have to review pull requests (PRs) from one of my colleagues, who has a very broad knowledge and years of experience, she is well respected and we all know that the ...
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If PRs are not being approved, when do you stop branching off of master?

I prefer to create linear git history, which can be fast-forward merged. This was a technical requirement at my previous job, which used BitBucket and required all PRs to be fast-forward-able. We had ...
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How to handle code reviews on a collaborative feature branch

We are using GitHub as our source code repository along with Visual Studio. We are going to start to use the GitFlow branching model, so a new feature request will be branched off and worked on in ...
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How can we reduce the PR load on our team?

We are using microservices(read a lot of GIT repositories) and our department has 90+ java developers. All of them write code which mean there are a lot of PR`s every day. We are using BitBucket and ...
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How to evaluate the impact of change for a single line of code or a variable?

During unit testing it is possible to estimate the code coverage to see which share of the code base is covered by the tests. For one part (the simple calculatable one) of a risk estimation we need to ...
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how to perform code review among different types of developer?

My develper team includes Android, iOS, PHP, Web Front, .Net developers, but every type of developer only 1 person, and they don't know other's programming languages very well. We have setup Jenkins ...
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Understand implementation of exponential moving average (in case of unix load average)

The UNIX load average gives 3 numbers over 1/5/15 minute time intervals. It's supposed to be an indicator of how busy a UNIX machine is. The global load average is an exponentially decaying average of ...
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How to get code review on hobby project?

In my spare time, I like to develop various small libraries and CLI utilities that solve a real problem I have, but are also likely useful to other people with the same use case. When I say small, I ...
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A lot of modifications in pull requests

I would like to know how manage a type of pull requests. One of my reviewers ask me for a lot and a lot of changes (3 or 4 days doing changes), all related with possible improvements in the code that ...
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Design suggestions for my simple data-analysis program

I need to create a program with the purpose of cross-referencing personal info from a spreadsheet(s), to check for conflicts of interest between clients of 3 different law firms. All of this client ...
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How can I defend reducing the strength of code reviews?

I have started in a new team. I have 20 years experience as a developer, and I have been in the role of a team lead in several projects. Normally I am very much pro code reviews, but I ended up in a ...
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What is the best way to code review a work-in-progress?

I am working on a feature with a system that I am unfamiliar with. The feature is not ready, but I want to show the code to my team (who is familiar with the system) so they can give me early ...
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Identifying Risks/Gotchas When Using Static

I am intending to come from the perspective of development choices, code reviews, and general testing against defined environments (Development, Test, Production, etc.). I will be using C# as the ...
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Where is the value of online diff code review?

I recently joined a team who are using github Pull Request feature as the single code review tool. In previous teams, I was used to reviews done on a fully checked-out code base, done using IDE tools, ...
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How to scale code reviews

My boss say we should find a way to scale code reviews at our company. As it is right now, we have about 16 software developers spread across 4 different teams/squads, but soon the company will close ...
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Python: Help with replacing list comprehension with generators [closed]

I have written the following code which takes a coord_list of points in a 2D coordinate system, a center and a radius and returns a list of all points from the list having distance at most radius from ...
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How do pull requests fit into a development process?

In my software engineering career I have never worked with pull requests. Probably because I only ever worked in relatively small teams (5-16 people) and only on projects that were structured well ...
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Code review patterns for multiple teams working on a single product

We're scaling out development on a single product from a single team to multiple teams. What are the patterns to ensure coding style, patterns and technology is used consistently? Is there one person ...
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In code review, should I ask to do a refactor outside of the scope in a pull request?

I have been studying the best practices for a code review, and I was wondering what to do in the following scenario: During a code review, I see potential improvements, but decide that they are ...
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Files moved and modified in one pull request

Sometimes I get to review a bunch of files that have been moved and modified. In GitHub I cannot find a way to see what has been modified. Everything looks like a new file. It makes review harder ...
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Cyclomatic complexity vs repeated code

we've a python function that can be achieved in 2 ways 1st method def complexity_1(x, y): if 2 == x and 3 == y: a=3 b=4 c = a + b elif 2 == x and not 3 == y: a =...
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Inspection code reviews, is it outdated today?

I'm a big proponent of peer reviews on every change, like with pull requests etc, however I'm questioning if this type of review alone is enough. For one, I have trouble with reviewers 'missing the ...
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Ways to explain code when told it doesn't make sense

As a programmer I have found my code frequently elicits the reaction "I don't understand". Whenever I get this response I try my best to explain my code patiently, and not make anyone feel ...
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What is the most effective way to explain code in a code review using a pull request?

I work for a small company with only three programmers (including myself). Our workflow is: We write the code; We create a pull request on Github; We ask for code review; We merge the pull request. ...
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Code Review for Automated Unit Tests [duplicate]

Writing automated unit tests is followed as a part of our development process. We also do have an established code review process for the development code that is written. Should the test code be ...
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How to react to a code pair reviewer pointing out way too many small details [closed]

I recently came to a situation where I could not really figure out how to react. During a project, in a paired code review, the software architecte began pointing out even the smallest detail of my ...
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How to avoid code review bottlenecks when some of the team pair program

There is a school of thought that describes code reviews as the number one priority activity for all developers in a sprint since they are either: a) A source of unrealised value b) A source of bugs ...
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Isn't keeping the master branch intact essential for collaborating?

I've read a lot of useful articles about collaboration with git. Many do's and don'ts, etc. For example, Top ten pull request review mistakes and a nice article about git workflow The Perfect Code ...
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Code reviewing nitpicks for readability [actually for DRY]

I was doing a code review today and noticed that the code would work but could have easily been made more readable. The example in particular was roughly as follows: def group(x): GROUP_ALPHA = (...
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How to review sql changes more effectively? [duplicate]

From my experience, sql code changes almost always tend to be NOT incremental: someone creates a new stored procedure, or modifies an entire embedded sql query for optimization purposes, or creates a ...
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How To Get A Junior Developer To Stop Bikeshedding [closed]

I'm having an issue with a junior developer bikeshedding PRs. They are the primary approver for one repository. Things that should be up for an hour or minutes on PR spend days sometimes with back-and-...
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Request changes to a commit message during code review on GitHub

I am trying to teach good engineering practices to my team, and in particular, walking them through the basics of PRs and code reviews on GitHub. One of my team members has sent me a request to review ...
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What is the meaning of 'code vetting' in Software Engineering? [closed]

I saw the term code vetting for the first time in a gerrit review page. What does it mean? The line I came across: "No XYZ check was done. However, if this project is intended to be shipped in ...
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Should one create code review for an incomplete unfinished change? [duplicate]

Had this happened: A developer make a new feature, but not working, since last year, total code change is 100+files and 10k lines. Until recently, with help of another developer, get it to work. ...
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