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This tag is for questions about the practice of code review and code walkthroughs. For reviews of existing, working code, please see

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73 votes
13 answers

What's the most effective way to perform code reviews? [closed]

I've never found the ideal way to perform code reviews and yet often my customers require them. Each customer seems to do them in a different way and I've never felt satisfied in any of them. What ...
55 votes
17 answers

Is a code review subjective or objective (quantifiable)?

I am putting together some guidelines for code reviews. We do not have one formal process yet and are trying to formalize it. And our team is geographically distributed. We are using TFS for source ...
155 votes
34 answers

How do you make people accept code review? [duplicate]

All programmers have their style of programming. But some of the styles are let’s say... let’s not say. So you have code review to try to impose certain rules for good design and good programming ...

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