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9 answers

How to determine if a class meets the single responsibility principle?

The Single Responsibility Principle is based on the high cohesion principle. The difference between the two is that a highly cohesive classes features a set of responsibilities that are strongly ...
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Does increasing the number of classes increase code complexity? [duplicate]

To illustrate the question, let's say we have two programmers of comparable skill that both solve the same problem. The code they turn out has roughly the same lines of code, but one programmer uses 5 ...
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Programming by Intention, Depth-First or Breadth-First?

Say I have the following graph of dependencies between procedures/functions/methods: o / \ v e / \ / \ r f l w That is, function o first calls function v, and then ...
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Is there multiple definitions for responsibility of class?

In the book UML 2 and the Unified Process from Arlow and Neustadt has been told: Analysis classes should have 3 to 5 responsibilities But as you know we have the SRP that tells us something else!! ...
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