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Are the stone-dead PHP mailing lists really how PHP developers and the PHP community communicate? [closed]

I've been looking at this for a long time: Almost every single mailing list has the last messages sent to them in the year 2000-2003. That's 17-20 years ago! It would be an ...
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How can I consult users of my FOSS library about a design change idea?

I have a FOSS library made public through GitHub. It's not a big library, it doesn't have a community around it or anything like that - but it does get a few dozen unique clones a week. Now, I'm ...
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Where and how should one announce their new open source application [closed]

Where and how should someone announce an open source application they would like the wider public to try? Obviously they can post their code somewhere like Github. There used to be Freshmeat, which ...
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Do I continue developing an alternative existing solution, or am I wasting of time? [closed]

Almost 2 years ago I had need for a monitoring system, that monitored servers ping times, databases and various other metrics, but also things things like my email inboxes (for unread email), my game ...
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Why do programming languages encompass so much? [closed]

Programming languages are not just language. Each one tends to have: Its own IDEs, Its own package managers, Its own set of libraries, Its own build tools, Its own data formats. If you are writing ...
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Why the Scala fascination with flatmap? (This doesn't seem to be the same for mapcat in the Clojure world) [closed]

In the Scala community - there is an apparent fascination with the FlatMap function. Now I understand that FlatMap is significant because it is used for the bind part of a Monad. (and that the ...
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How can a commercially-driven open source project build an open source community?

I'm working on an ambitious, commercially-driven open source project* (it probably falls under Wikipedia's definition of Open Core). I'm an engineer on the project, so I don't have too much sway over ...
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How to get feedback from the community on large chunks of code?

Code Review.SE is great when you need feedback on a precise, short piece of code. But where to get similar feedback about the code itself when: you have thousands of LOC, don't have colleagues in ...
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Governance models for multi-institution open source projects

I'm working on an open source project that has full time professional developers from several universities, plus a couple of other organisations. The product has something like a dozen deployments, ...
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Would it be possible to create an open source software library, entirely developed and moderated by an open community? [closed]

Call it democratic software development, or open source on steroids if you will. I'm not just talking about the possibility of providing a patch which can be approved by the library owner. Think more ...
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Planning to write research paper - Tips or resources? [closed]

I am a junior in high school and I've developed an optimization system for functional languages that could be very powerful. My computer science professors at Boise State University believe I should ...
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Why do ruby and python seem to have more community contribution than PHP? [closed]

In a recent blog post by Roy Osherove, it is pointed out that his switch from primarily .Net development to ruby development has seen a huge difference in community involvement and really enjoys it. ...
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Framework / platform for a .NET user group

I am preparing the creation of a dot net user group. One of the step is to have a website to : Exchange and discuss between members, using a forum (or just a mailing list?). Share a common calendar ...
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Why does the Perl community have such a bad reputation? [closed]

I'm still fairly new to programming. I spend most of my time in Ruby, and I'm discovering a certain fondness for playing with regular expressions. That being said, I'm considering taking a look at ...
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Where can I get beta testers for a software library?

There are a few similar questions to this one already. But mine differs enough to warrant being asked separately. I've written an authentication ASP.Net library and I'm looking for beta testers. I've ...
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Why do people hesitate to use Python 3?

Python 3 was released in December 2008. A lot of time has passed since then but still today many developers hesitate to use Python 3. Even popular frameworks like Django are not compatible with Python ...
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Getting Involved? [duplicate]

I've been sitting at my computer for about an hour and a half, browsing around and trying to find something worthwhile to do that I'd enjoy. The fact that I'm here shows you that I didn't come up with ...
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How can I get involved with developer communities in my area?

I live in Manchester, UK, and while there are lots of developer communities (regular events, get togethers etc) in London, there are not many "up north". I know of a few (NxtGenUg and ...
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What happens at [platform] user groups?

I'm a .NET developer, but I've never been to a .NET user group meeting or anything like that. I might have the opportunity soon to start attending one, but I'm wondering. What happens at user groups? ...
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