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What's a good solution for prioritising tasks for a company code library?

I work at a game company that has a Core Library with a bunch of ultities, extensions and systems that we typically import large chunks of into projects. Recently we have been trying to improve our ...
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How can I figure out if another project is mostly maintenance and bugs? [closed]

I started working in a relatively big company that unfortunately has its share of quite a lot of legacy code and I ended up spending an extra ordinary amount of time in maintainance and bug fixes. ...
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What defines "software developer" role

I am a junior software developer and I have been working for a company less than a year. While I always thought being a software developer means to develop software and CODE something, my tasks are ...
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What are some important guidelines when starting a software cooperative? [closed]

We are a group of people who are about to start a software cooperative, which means all of us (and other future workers) will be the owners of the 'company' rather than having bosses and employees. We ...
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Are small amounts of functional programming understandable by non-FP people? [closed]

Case: I'm working at a company, writing an application in Python that is handling a lot of data in arrays. I'm the only developer of this program at the moment, but it will probably be used/modified/...
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Drawing out a document with strategies for coping with "disasters"

Does anyone happen to know of some guidelines for writing up a document for coping with possible disaster scenarios ? By disaster I mean anything that could lead to loss of work, time or eventually a ...
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What does this software do when it says "white labeled routing"?

I am reading about a start-up company that works with online surveys: Fulcrum is the world’s first complete project management suite to give clients the power to seamlessly integrate multiple ...
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Use open-source programs in your company?

Is there any cons of making your employees use open-source programs in your company? I am planning to start a bussiness and I wonder why companies usually work with proprietary software, as ...
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How can a developer test himself for starting a development company on his own?

Ya !! you can say "out of work" people have these thoughts, but then, what can one do :-P . My question is somewhat deep thought. How can someone evaluate himself as a developer and manager to ...
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Average size of in-house web development team for U.S. companies? [closed]

When I graduated, I thought getting into a web development job meant I get to work in a group of at least a handful of developers, and seniors can teach this young Padawan their tricks of the trade. ...
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What do people in IT consulting firms do? [closed]

What do people in IT consulting firms do? Ok I can guess they consult, provide answers to questions, but exactly what kind of questions do they answer that it is even possible people will pay enough ...
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What "business things" should a programmer know about their company and team? [closed]

I spend a fair amount of time reading programming blogs, and it seems to be a popular belief that having business knowledge adds value to a programmer. I can see the reasoning for this: ...
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Starting up in a basement and scaling

So I have this 'great' idea in my head that I want to start working on and build a company around it. Been working on desktop development for 5+ years and the idea revolves around the web. My exposure ...
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Building a company and want to know how ethical to put samples from projects I did before on the new company website

I built a lot of websites and applications during my life, I can put them under the following categories: Did all the project as a freelancer -> For other companies Did part of the project as a ...
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Will I learn more freelancing or working for a company?

I got out of school about a year ago, and have been freelancing since then. Sometimes it seems like it would be a good idea to work for a company for a few years, to learn from people with more ...
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Freelancing dilemma.. to do or not to do? [closed]

My current organization has stated clearly that I should not work on any freelancing projects in the fields where the company offers their service. I agreed to that and joined the organization. At the ...
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What about all those coding rules?

I always supported the idea of having coding rules for developers in a company or a specific project. Especially if the company is size greater than 10. The bigger the company the bigger the need. I ...
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