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How to seperately deploy two components of the presentation layer that both make use of one business component?

Context I have a multi-tiered architecture that contains 2 presentation layers, one business layer and one data layer. See image below for a visualisation. Here you can see that there are two ...
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How to decide when to increase the minimum supported C++ standard version?

I'm maintaining a library written in C++, which offers modern-C++ bindings for another API that's C-ish (it's this one, although I'm trying to make this question somewhat more general). Now, when I ...
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Managing compatibility and dependencies in code library

I manage a library that is made of multiple components, there is some dependencies between some of these components, for example I have a core library for common code base that is referenced by other ...
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Is there some sort of standardisation for error reporting? [closed]

I'm looking for some sort of standardisation, in a similar vein as POSIX for compatibility and familiarity between different commandline-interfaces, but for error reporting. Notably, I'm looking for: ...
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How can I make sure my PHP code is compatible with a newer version

I have a bunch of PHP 5.6 code that I would like to get up to 7.2. My biggest concern was the change that causes an error when you call a function without enough parameters. Previously, this was a ...
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Using data to maintain compatibility when evolving RESTful service

I've been reading up on API versioning for REST APIs. Most of the articles I've come across (here's an example) seem to focus on two options: URI based versioning, e.g. v1/my_resource/ Media Type ...
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Ensure compatibility between software components

We do have several Components in our product which are Component A Component B Component C Dependencies are (if unmet the system fails): A <-> B B <-> C We are currently creating a build ...
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In SemVer 2.0.0, what kind of public API change category is the addition of a new exception?

I am working on an implementation for an existing public API. Now I needed to change the implementation to throw an exception for a failure condition about which previously the API consumer was not ...
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How to write code for different versions of linux

So, I've written some fairly big code for cent OS 7.1. The code essentially makes use of different command line tools by parsing the text output and shoving it in a database... pretty straight forward....
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Forward Slash vs Back Slash vs File.separator in Java

I've seen some programmers doing the following : File file = new File("folder\\subfolder\\subsubfolder"); And I find it totally wrong because of compatibility issues with a different OS than ...
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Program Compatibility - OS That Can Run Anything? [closed]

I know that programs that are built on one OS won't work on another, like a Windows program on a Linux distribution, and that there are programs that translate those system calls into system calls ...
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Do we need to test 32-bit software in 64-bit Windows?

I'm working in a software development team as software developer. I've been working on the same project for three years now. The software is a 32-bit desktop based C# application in .NET 4. Our target ...
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Best strategy to discover a web service in a local network?

I am currently doing some research for a project. The setup is simple, I have a computer running a service in my home network and any device connected to that same network should be able to discover ...
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"bug" in C++11 text by Stroustrup?

I found an apparent contradiction in the c++ text having to do with the result of the c_str() function operating on std:strings (in my copy, the definition and contradiction are on p1040). First it ...
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Compatibility of Enum Vs. string constants

I was recently told that using Enum: public enum TaskEndState { Error, Completed, Running } may have compatibility/serialization issues, and thus sometimes it's better to use const string: public ...
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Is it safe to just use MySQLi?

I have developed an open source PHP application and currently it uses both the MySQLi or MySQL extension for backwards compatibility. I'm wondering about switching it over to only be compatible with ...
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Javascript behavior depends only on browser or browser + OS?

Generally for a javascript application, compatibility is mentioned in terms of browser types and browser versions it supports. Frameworks/Libraries like ExtJs also mention about the browser versions ...
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How the Compatibility View in IE works behind the scenes

When I remote connect to my work PC, in IE10, the juniper remote client service which is basically a plugin executed in the browser does not run. I need to turn on compatibility view to see it. My ...
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Supporting and testing multiple versions of a software library in a Maven project

My company has several versions of its core software in use by our customers at any one time. My job is to write bespoke Java software for the customers based on the version of core software they ...
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Best thing to do about projects supporting multiple versions of Visual Studio?

I have an open source project that works on .Net 2.0 and up. The thing is though that I prefer to use Visual Studio 2012, which forces the solution and project files to only work with VS2010/2012. ...
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Side-by-side Configuration on Linux/ELF

One of the best/worst Microsoft software innovations (great for compatibility; terrible for efficiency) has been Windows' Side by Side Configuration. This allows, among other things, for different ...
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Dual-licensing LGPL 2.1 and LGPL 3

I maintain a software, a small PHP library, that is released under the LGPL version 3 license (LGPLv3). Someone wants to use the library in their software which has the GPL version 2 license. This ...
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Do Universal iOS Apps have more "issues" when new versions of iOS come out?

I was discussing developing an iOS App with a client and I mentioned that we should ideally have a Universal App that would perform as an iPhone App on an iPhone and as an iPad App on an iPad. The ...
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Conflicting versions of jQuery in Separate Extensions

I have built a few browser extensions that live in GMail. Since they are larger extensions, they incorporate jQuery 1.6.x. I am using jQuery as a content script which means it is injected into GMail ...
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What are some alternative methods to IronPython for calling Python code from .NET?

There are some great libraries for Python that have cousins in the .NET world, but some are unmatched. Realizing that Python is a dynamic language, which makes it difficult to mix with a (largely) ...
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Modern languages and the JVM [duplicate]

Many modern programming languages (Scala, Erlang, Clojure, etc.) are targeting the JVM. What are the main reasons behind that decision? JVM's maturity? Portability? Because JVM simply exists, and the ...
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