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Is stateless mode necessary before containerizing a monolithic application?

In my team, we are maintaining a monolithic application that was started in 2003. It is written in Java and has seen several successive layers of technical changes, growing to a hefty 400k-line ...
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Determining when to use Serverless vs Containerized application (AWS Lambda vs ECS) - Is Java Spring dead?

I work for an organization that heavily leverages AWS. There is a strong push that every team move from containers deployed on ECS to leverage AWS Lambda and step functions for (almost) every project....
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Why should I use containers instead of deploying build artifacts directly to Azure App Services or AWS Elastic Beanstalk?

Recently, I have been told by others to look into containerization of my stateless web applications (in this case .NET Core 2.x and 3.1). All of my dependencies are retrieved from public and private ...
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How should I manage secrets for applications deployed on servers I do not control?

Problem description I have an IoT app that provides a server backend and browser UI client for interfacing with proprietary control systems. Some deployments of this application will require that the ...
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Multi Tenancy and container support in Spring Webflow application

I have an application which is quite old (7 years back-2014) but well built using JSF, Spring Webflow and Hibernate. This application is critical as being deployed for 50 separate clients each with ...
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Streaming File Storage in Distributed (and Containerized) Systems

I'm trying to implement a system that allows a user to upload files over HTTP, saves the file to object storage as well as any metadata surrounding the file that already exists to a NoSQL database (i....
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Would it be possible to create a browser that runs container images?

My understanding of a "browser" as a means of consuming software over the web: Browsers isolate web application execution to an environment which greatly reduces end user vulnerability. ...
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Is microservices architecture a good candidate for a pipeline?

I have a monolithic application which can be divided into multiple steps and different steps have variable scaling requirement, however the input of the next step is the output of the current step. ...
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How to check for docker specific code and APIs in an application for later migration to containerd?

So I have a couple of Java RESTful microservices, and since the past few years I have basically been using Docker to build them and deploy them over to a Kubernetes cluster. Our team is upgrading ...
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Resource creation (users, secrets, etc) from monoliths to microservices

I'm part of an initiative where we are moving monolithic-ish applications, each running on their separate VMs and using a common database cluster, to a container architecture with the goal of ...
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Are there any advantages to using dockerfile dependencies over virtual environment for Python apps?

I am currently working solo on a very small simple python microservice. I started building this app, mostly by habit, in a virtual environment. As I started to get closer to the point where deployment ...
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Containers Across Operating systems

Curious how containers are portable across development/testing/cloud environments with no worry needed about the underlying infrastructure. Does the Docker Engine essentially standardize operating ...
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Scalable Web Data Service Approach

I'm looking to build a service that interacts with an existing web application's database. The service would retrieve data from an api for which the web application users own an account and warehouse/...
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