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Decoupling of Model and API (in an .net WEB API Project)

I currently have one separate project for my models, and one separate project for a API application that consumes this model. The intention of the separation is to avoid any outgoing dependencies from ...
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Ripple Effect Analysis using coupling metrics

How can I observe ripple effect using coupling attributes alone? I first find the common coupling metrics for a set of deprecated classes in a project, like CBO(Coupling Between Objects), RFC(...
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Cohesion and coupling possible combination in software

I know what we mean by cohesion and coupling in software. And generally the best practice is to achieve high cohesion with low coupling. It seems to me though that they are inter-related. I.e. you ...
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Packages, a controller class, and coupling vs cohesion

So I'm building my first application, in Python, and some issues have cropped up because of the lack of interfaces (I.e. explicit type declaration) My design involves several homebrew packages, and I'...
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How to decouple a message broker and its message handlers?

Project description: I have a nodejs project where I try to build a bluetooth mesh like network, each node consists roughly of 4 parts the frontend part, the message broker, a bluetooth client and a ...
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Coupling at the DB vs an API

I have a Website which has a BFF (back end for front end). It consumes data from a service (a CMS) and its own configuration data. The CMS data and the apps config data are in separate schemas (so ...
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Designing a multithreaded TCP/UDP server for audio sharing

As briefly introduced in the question title, I am trying to design and implement a server application able to let clients share audio contents between themselves. In order to achieve that, I decided ...
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Distributed systems design and coupling

I have a question around which is preferred and seen as more right approach. Out company's messaging solution of choice is Kafka. We have a task to build a service that would provide events in cloud ...
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How to separate out below tightly coupled classes

I have two classes which are somewhat tightly coupled to one another. Lets call them A and B. A derives from C and B derives from D. B is the class whose instance is created by the system and then B ...
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Client-Server Coupling in gRPC vs REST

Quoting this article - The Other key differences: gRPC vs. REST section (client server coupling): Client-server coupling REST is loosely coupled, which means the client and the server do not need to ...
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Binding delegates from owner vs in component to prevent coupling

While researching the topic of Coupling, I still have a little misunderstanding about what counts as less / more Coupling. I will take as an example two options for setting delegates in Unreal Engine ...
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Application Security VS Tight coupling - High assurance of user intent

Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this is the right site as this question sits under both software engineering and security domains. Background: Assume you have a financial web application that receives ...
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Avoid tight coupling when configuring a service from a backend

I have multiple apps (app 1, ..., app n), that don't know each other but use the same services. At the same time, there is a single application to configure the services (let's call it backend). One ...
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