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How should I list authors and their roles in doxygen comments?

Suppose I'm the first person write a proper Doxygen comment for a source file. Suppose also that there have been multiple contributors to the file - original author, previous maintainers, current ...
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How should I treat image licenses in my program?

In the program I'm making I have a pixtureBox (.NET) that is used to show related images. I found images after searching online, and some are CC BY-SA 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and some belong to the public ...
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Facebook Payments & Credits vs. Real-World & Charities [closed]

I am having a difficult time understanding Facebook's internal "e-commerce microcosm" and what it allows Facebook App developers to do (and what it restricts them from doing). Two use cases: I'm an ...
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What is ethical/unethical while seeking help on the web with programming assignments?

I have used the web and Stack Overflow extensively during the past month or so in creating my final project for my C# class. I have used so much code that I didn't write myself that I feel I am being ...
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How do I properly design a many-to-many (charges/payments) accounting system?

This is just as much a db/programming question as an accounting/math question, so I'm actually posting to all relevant boards. I appreciate your patience in advance. Basically I'm having trouble ...
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Is listing developer's full names in splash screen or about box still a widely spread and desirable practice?

Just like in the closing credits of movies, some software vendors list the full names of the team that worked on the piece of software you are using. They are usually displayed in the splash screen (...
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What is the ettiquite for releasing a Perl module based on someone else's module?

I have written a Perl module by starting with an existing Perl module of related functionality and modifying heavily. In fact, acccording to git blame I have changed (or created) every line of non-...
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How much credit do you take when you used plugins etc.? [closed]

I often develop an application entirely myself. But did I really? I feel strange about that claim and never know when that is true. I mean I designed it, coded it, but I used XYZ plug-in. Can I still ...
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