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Acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management.

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Replacing ASP.Net 4 app with microservices and React

Backstory: My new employer has Dynamics CRM on-prem and it is used by all office staff and other colleagues that are consultants. All other employees are a working force out on various construction ...
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Inner join between separate databases

Assume there is a large corporation with multiple SW systems that all use the same CRM system via a REST API. All systems have their own databases as does the CRM system. Now, system A only holds ...
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How often should I push CRM solutions from Dev to Test in 3 week sprints?

I'm on a new CRM dev team. And simply put, I haven't seen sprint execution such a mess in my whole professional career. I have a deployment plan moving forward. I have an idea how I want continuous ...
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anonymous/ghost users in database

This questions is related to this one : anonymous checkout My company bought a CRM software and I am concerned by the way it stores customers' information. The website allows anonymous users to have ...
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Complex knowledge management system with CRM..written internally

We've all heard of salesforce and sugarcrm and the likes of systems like this. Unfortunately at my workplace we have been asked to write a similiar system (rather then license or purchase). Basically ...
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How can we avoid having to build yet another CRM system from scratch [closed]

We are building an accounting web application. In our database, we store basic data about our customers, like phone number, their login informations, because these things are tied into our web ...
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What's the difference between CRM, CMS and ERP [closed]

I know that CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, CMS stands for Content Management System and ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planner. I would like to know what each of things does best ...
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CRM: In-House vs. OTS

Many, many years ago, when I was young and naive and wrote everything from scratch unless it came with the language, I was working for a company with two sales people in two locations who were trying ...
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Software technical and project specification: How to?

We have a project here in my company of developing a new CRM. It's, basically, a big CRUD, with sub-CRUDS, with various details, such as, some users can do that, others don't. We will develop the ...
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General knowledge about building businesses applications for (small) businesses?

How can one a software developer learn about how to provide business solution? including but not limited to, implement business applications in decent software architectural style? CRM, ERP, MDM, ...
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Need to include Calendar and Email in own CRM system. Whose? [closed]

I am writing a web based application that needs to have some elements of CRM in it but I cannot use an of-the-shelf CRM to do what I want. (Honestly we have been through it all and it will not work). ...
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CRM in the context of C++ programming [closed]

I was asked by an employer about CRM in the context of C++ software development. The position I was applying for was C++ Software Engineer. I told them: As far as I know, CRM is an acronym that ...
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