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Identify user session for dynamic client interaction between a Cloud application and an Angular/Pyramid application

I’m writing a web application with an Angular client and a Pyramid/Python server. I need to dynamically interface with an external cloud application, with two requirements: When the end user approves ...
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Crossbrowser testing FrontEnd apps in 2022

So nowadays, creating js & css that works the same across different browsers is less of an issue as to what it was a few years back. So let's say I have this Vue app that - Has CSS reset Include @...
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How do I make my Browser Extension send a Selection it captured to a Database/Web App so it can be stored in the user's account?

I am building a Browser Extension that captures a Selection made by the user in any web page, and stores it in his account. I don't quite know how to proceed with this, however. My initial thought ...
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Best strategy for OAuth2.0 across browsers and across tabs within the same browser?

I have developed a login system using OAuth2.0 that is currently working within one tab in one browser. Without diving into the code, the system works by having the user enter their credentials to ...
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Development Of Scriptable Webpage Served As XML And Parsed As HTML

In short, this question is about the cross-browser-compatibility-ness of a way to serve a HTML page as XML. I am interested in serving a web page as XML to be interpreted as HTML for increased CSS ...
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Managing Similar Code On Multiple Platforms (GIT)

My team and I have developed a Chrome extension which we are now porting into Firefox. The two versions share enough of a code base that it would be redundant to manage to separate depos. In fact ...
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Attempting to make a Cross Domain AJAX request to a Server I don't own

I'm aware that javascript programs running in a browser are bound to the same-origin policy which prevents them from requesting services from a server that is on a different domain. What I've gathered ...
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How to best do cross-browser cross-platform visual CSS regression testing? [closed]

Background: Visual CSS regression testing is where you screenshot (part of) one version of a webpage in a browser and compare it against a screenshot of the previous version of the same webpage in the ...
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Javascript Use of Window Object through alternate means

Disregard your usual paradigms for a mere moment here.... I've seen a few sites who have used the following logic: a=[]; b=a["sort"]; c=(b)(); c["alert"](1); // intended output: Alert displaying "1"....
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Approach to develop an inline editor for enumerated lists

Background Looking to develop a WYSIWYG editor for ordered lists so that people can directly edit lists of instructions on a web page. Problem The contentEditable attribute is woefully immature for ...
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How can a website look different in safari Windows and Safari mac?

I have a website. I've been testing crossbrowser on my windows PC, and it looks good in all browsers, but on Mac in Safari it looks like the CSS is not getting interpreted right, or there is a ...
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Unit Testing of JavaScript - Are we testing the logic of the code or the behavior against a browser

[Warning]: I am new to the whole unit testing and have been trying to learn as much as possible. I am working on a MS CRM 2011 project and I have been trying to introduce unit testing in my company. ...
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Why not a standard rendering engine to solve cross browser problems [closed]

Why do browsers use different rendering engines, this causes the problem I hate the most "make your HTML/CSS compatible with all major web browsers". Why don't they use one rendering engine as a ...
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Should Cross browser testing be explicitly mentioned in the scope of a project?

I do freelance web development and front end dev is not my strongest point. This question came to me in my recent fixed bid project. Nowadays we use Jquery and Bootstrap and these take care of lots ...
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Web Programming Cross Browser Frustrations Normal? [duplicate]

So I'm a relatively junior programmer, been doing it for a couple years now and have been recently working on a redo of the company's website, and have ran into some frustrations and was just ...
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Developing a cross-platform interface for writing to hardware like PicKit OR USB over the web?

I thought long and hard on weather to put this question in programmers or stack overflow. Please let me know if this is not the right place and I will post it to SO. My friend and I am developing a ...
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How do I add another script engine to web browsers under Linux / Windows / Mac?

In my ample (NOT!) spare time, I'm fiddling with Lhogho and wondering how to go about morphing it into a script engine for web browsers, viz <h1>My First Web Page</h1> <...
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What are the available tools for creating cross-platform, cross-browser multiplayer online commercial games? [closed]

HTML5+Javascript is not viable as the client-side code will be visible and, thus, stealable. Flash is not viable since it's not supported on ipads and thus not cross-platform. Said that, what are the ...
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