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Culture is the set of values, traditions, beliefs, customs, practices and shared knowledge that perbades a group, community, gild, company of group of people.

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Why do software engineers refer to computers as "machines" [closed]

Since entering software engineering, I picked up the habit of saying "machine" when talking about a computer. Most of my colleagues seem to do the same. However, when I use this idiom in everyday ...
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Handle localization in microservices architecture

I'm developing a multi culture application with different microservices, The microservices communicate with each others with integrations event, so when a new record is inserted the owner of the data ...
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What is the difference between pluralism and counterimplementation?

The paper in question is Peter Keen's "Information Systems and Organizational Change". This is considered a classic paper in software engineering, I'm studying it right now for a retrospective on a ...
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How do I encourage ops to participate in a devops team?

I work in a traditional software development environment. A team of developers work on a product in 2-4 week Sprints and then hand the results over to an operations team to be deployed and managed. ...
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What are the reasons to use docker in your software development process if you're not using it in production?

Docker has a lot of potential to solve problems in my workplace in a large team (100) of software developers and it's use to solve problems in my workplace. This includes: Having a cluster of Docker ...
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Is there evidence to suggest that email notifications of build-breakage from a ci-server are industry standard?

In my organisation people regularly have 3K+ emails in their inbox. They're swamped and non-important email is ignored and lost. (Think big Corporation). Email ceases to be a useful medium in this ...
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How to properly localize numbers?

Which caveats should I be aware while localizing numbers in my front-end application ? Example: In Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) we split thousands with dots and decimals with commas. In US English (...
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What's the name of the phenomenon where the software architecture evolves to mirror the office layout?

A couple of years ago (at QCon London) several talks name dropped the phenomenon where the software architecture evolves to mirror the office layout but I can't remember the name. I believe this ...
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Is it worth the effort to use culture invariant string formatting in single-culture applications?

Sometimes, we need to stuff an integer ID into a string, for example when generating HTML form <select> items. Calling int.ToString() can result in digits outside the range [0-9] in certain ...
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how to introduce a culture of quality into the work environment? [duplicate]

Currently we're not doing any code reviews and we have effectively zero unit tests (we have some but they are never run by anyone else other than myself) and there's no coding standards for style and ...
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Affecting culture as a newly hired developer [closed]

I've been in my first professional position for about six months now, and so I am hitting what I suppose is the pretty typical moment: Naievely perhaps, I think there's a lot of cultural baggage on ...
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Naming in Security Protocols: Alice, Bob and Eve [closed]

Among computer scientists and programmers, there's the common habit of naming people in the context of security protocols e.g. Alice, Bob or Eve. Descriptions of more elaborate attack vector sometimes ...
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How do I create an environment where fixing tests is seen as a priority?

I am a software engineer at a medium sized company. We have a fairly robust testing platform running on TeamCity. It does unit tests on every checkin, and a daily unit test/BVT run. The problem is -...
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How to test a localized WPF application in visual studio 2012

I am trying to create a localized application in C# / WPF in Visual Studio 2012. For that I created two resource files and changed one string in a (XAML) window to use the resource files (instead of a ...
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Is C# development effectively inseparable from the IDE you use?

I'm a Python programmer learning C# who is trying to stop worrying and just love C# for what it is, rather than constantly comparing it back to Python. I'm caught up on one point: the lack of ...
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How to Mentor a Junior Developer

This title is a little broad but I may need to give a little background before I can ask my question properly. I know that similar questions have been asked here already. But in my case I'm not ...
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Good, simple reasons for having multiple environments

Throughout my career I had worked at companies that had a collection of different environments for different purposes. We always had more or less our desktop environment, a test environment, a QA ...
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Is there any research out there on geographic differences in work environments (e.g., respect) for programmers? [closed]

One thing I've learned from this website is that software developers are not treated the same as what I've seen in the companies I've worked at, and some of the differences seem to be related to the ...
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Should senior programmers be required to take on and mentor a junior developer? [closed]

In a shop that is intended to be tight-knit and supportive, should it be part of the culture that senior developers are paired with junior developers as mentors? Or should this mentoring be something ...
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To be strict or pragmatic?

I'm beginning to realize that developing software is (amongst others) a process of constantly asking yourself questions. Questions regarding quality of code, separation of concerns, minimizing ...
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Continuously Improving output of a team

I am having my own software service company, DIGICORP and I am leading a team of 10 developers. The total company size is of around 50 persons. We are four friends who have started this venture from ...
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What sort of role does "language cultural history" play with a platform?

I recently stumbled accross this article from a few years ago. It argues that significant differences in the culture surrounding VB and C#, not the actual differences in the language, contribute to C# ...
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Feedback on setting up a "Programmer Dojo" -- suggestions?

Looking for a case study, or operational plan for setting up a "programmer/hacker dojo" in the United States. Here's an example of one,; it's possible this info is on their site, but I ...
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Does your organization still use the term "screens" to describe a user interface?

I have been in the field long enough to remember when the term "screen" entered our lexicon. As difficult as it is to believe, the early systems on which I worked had no user interface (UI). These ...
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How do Programmers in the East see programmers in the West?

The other half of this question: How do programmers in the West see programmers in the East? I think it's just as interesting and important to see how programmers in the east view programmers in the ...
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What principles does your software engineering or development organization follow? [closed]

What principles does your software engineering or development organization follow? I am very interested in seeing a list of principles from someone who works at a company where these principles are ...
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Is programming a SubCulture? [closed]

I was going through this article: Which got mee thinking is programming a subculture? After the a while I started thinking it really hard, and if you go ...
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How does office bureaucracy affect code quality [closed]

I'm interested in stories where office bureaucracy has had direct effect on the final code quality result. For example, a friend just told me that at his previous work place the version control ...
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What programming/software sub-cultures exist? What defines them? Which do you belong to? [closed]

To the outside world, programmers, computer scientists, software engineers, and developers may all seem alike, but that's far from the case for the people who create software for a living. Any single ...
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Books and stories on programming culture, specifically in the 80's / early 90's [closed]

I've enjoyed a number of (fiction/non-fiction books) about hacker culture and running a software business in the 80's, 90's. For some reason things seemed so much more exciting back then. Examples are:...
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Does one's native spoken language affect quality of code?

There is a school of thought in linguistics that problem solving is very much tied to the syntax, semantics, grammar, and flexibility of one's own native spoken language. Working with various ...
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Effective Ways to Introduce Agile into the Workplace?

In your experience (anecdotal or otherwise), what are some effective ways to introduce Agile into a non-Agile organization or company? UPDATED: Can anyone speak to cases where you tried to introduce ...