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CVS means Concurrent Versions System, one of the first centralized source control system, sometimes it's only a synonym for SCM in common

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The two-storey branching scheme **before** the develop branch

I have found many posts about how to organize work on develop branch and up to release branch. Or even how to work without the develop branch. The trend of the "develop" branch going away, ...
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Should the HEAD version of the trunk always build?

At my workplace we use CVS tags to the extent that nobody ever retrieves the HEAD version of the trunk. Is there any reason why that version still needs to build fully? The reason I ask is because ...
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Using multiple Git repositories instead of a single one containing many apps from different teams? [duplicate]

I am migrating a 10-years-old big CVS repository to Git. It seemed obvious to split this multiple-projects repository into several Git ones. But the decision-makers are used to CVS, therefore their ...
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Distributed SVN via file transfer?

I work for a large bureaucratic (and security paranoid) organisation that provides SVN for its development teams to use. I am working with a 3rd party vendor (at their site) and we currently share ...
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What does cheap copying/branching mean for a versioning system like SVN?

One of the advantages of SVN over CVS as given here is cheap copying and branching. What does "cheap copying and branching" mean in SVN parlance? How is it different from CVS copying and branching?
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What does it mean by atomic commit for a versioning system?

One of the reasons why programmers prefer SVN over CVS is the former allows atomic commits ? What does this mean ?
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Is it good idea to require to commit only working code? [duplicate]

Sometimes I hear people saying something like "All committed code must be working". In some articles people even write descriptions how to create svn or git hooks that compile and test code before ...
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