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D is a systems programming language developed by Walter Bright and since 2006 Andrei Alexandrescu. Its focus is on combining the power and high performance of C and C++ with the programmer productivity of modern languages like Ruby and Python. Special attention is given to the needs of concurrency, reliability, documentation, quality assurance, management and portability.

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How do you hash 4 doubles into a size_t?

I have bounding boxes the key type. Box { double mins[2]; double maxs[2]; } And I want to have Box as the key type in the D programming language, so I have to implement: size_t toHash() const @...
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How should templates be named? [closed]

In D I can create templates like this: template Foo(A) { A add(A a, A b) { ... } A multiply(A a, A b) { ... } A concatenate(A a, A b) { ... } } What should a template be named ideally? ...
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Why did the team at LMAX use Java and design the architecture to avoid GC at all cost?

Why did the team at LMAX design the LMAX Disruptor in Java but all their design points to minimizing GC use? If one does not want to have GC run then why use a garbage collected language? Their ...
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Can modern OO languages compete with C++'s array store performance?

I just noticed that every modern OO programming language that I am at least somewhat familiar with (which is basically just Java, C# and D) allows covariant arrays. That is, a string array is an ...
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what is the object oriented counterpart to haskell / coq

I have detailed information on the latest developments in functional programming. I think haskell is quite an advanced and high level programming language. With coq and agda this gets even more ...
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Why C++ cannot adopt D's approach for its concept implementation?

As many of you guys know, concepts, C++'s approach for constraining possible types for a template argument has failed to be included in C++11. I learned that the D programming language 2.0 has a ...
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What does C++ do better than D?

I have recently been learning D and am starting to get some sort of familiarity with the language. I know what it offers, I don't yet know how to use everything, and I don't know much about D idioms ...
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