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Dart (originally, Dash) is an open source Web programming language developed by Google. The goal of Dart is ultimately to replace JavaScript as the lingua franca of web development on the open web platform.

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Streams and clean architecture

I am pretty new to async programming and the whole stream stuff, since i have a web programming background with php, where async programming and streams isn't really a big topic most time. I try to ...
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Flutter BLOC and immutability concept for data that changes very often?

I am new to Dart/Flutter and try to use the Bloc framework for my current project. I am now at the point, where the data, especially in states, is getting more complex. For example: A certain state ...
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Is using an UId to hash Mutable Entities an anti-pattern?

In the context of an object-oriented language, such as Dart, I have an abstract entity which has a single property called id (which is incrementally uniquely generated to make sure there are no-...
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Where to place a common database connection in clean architecture?

I am currently trying to follow the clean architecture approach but i wonder where common things like a database connections should take place. Since i think a database connection usually will be ...
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Best way to display errors from a model to the user?

I'm developing an app (using Flutter) that has a model that contains most of the business logic, and a view that displays the user interface. The model can call notifyListeners to inform the view that ...
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Can 32/64 bit version of Dart SDK have any effect on produced javascript code?

I just started collaborating remotely on a project. Project manager explicitly asked me to download Dart SDK 32bit version. Since I have 64bit machine I asked why to find out more about it. I was told ...
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Is JavaScript "write once run everywhere"?

I have a business requirement for a javascript "write once run everywhere" App. I did research and discovered that there are a few options between: FireFox OS, ChromeOS, NodeOS, Tizen, and Dart. What ...
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Java "module" size

Is it sensible to have micro-modules, say with only a very few (perhaps one) class in it? Or should I store things in bigger repositories? I am long-time Java developer with a software-engineering ...
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Is the Dart philosophy compatible with testability and dependency injection?

One of the Dart criticized features are named and factory constructors. There are opinions (from dependency injection people), that constructors should be simple and just assign some fields and the ...
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Creating a text input simplifaction tool

I have been working on a project for several months now to write a web-based tool that will help me at work. I work at a call center and the CRM software that is used is wretched, we basically have to ...
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Differences between TypeScript and Dart [closed]

Microsoft recently unveiled Typescript, a new JavaScript-like programming language. Some time ago, I heard about Dart, a new programming language created by Google to solve problems related to ...
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Does Dart have any useful features for web programmers? I've checked out the site very briefly, and got curious. Is there any advantages of using Dart? Is it just a replacement for JavaScript? It looks like simpler Java. Writing ...
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How does the GPL work in regards to languages like Dart which compile to other languages?

Google's Dart language is not supported by any Web Browsers other than a special build of Chromium known as Dartium. To use Dart for production code you need to run it through a Dart->JavaScript ...
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Were method cascades ever considered for C#?

Smalltalk supports a syntax feature called "message cascades". Cascades are being adopted by the Dart Programming language. As far as I know, C# doesn't support this. Were they ever considered during ...
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Are the criticisms against Dart valid?

According to this Wikipedia article, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, and others criticize Dart, a programming language Google introduced to work in web browsers, because they feel "it seems harmful (cf. ...
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Why doesn't the DART language use a special character to identify variables?

I come from a PHP background and I have been considering looking at DART in more detail. DART is an, open source, front-end/back-end, language for web development. PHP has a special $ (dollar) ...
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What is the current state of Google's Dart programming language? [closed]

Dart has been out for ages (in internet years), but judging by Google Trends , it hasn't gotten much hype, and the fact that it only works in Chrome doesn't help either. Nonetheless, Chrome is gaining ...
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