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Variable binding time (Steve McConnell)

Currently reading Steve McConnell "Code complete". "General issues in using variables" chapter, "Binding time" section. He says about variable's binding time in such ...
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How does one-way data binding and MVC achieve loose coupling?

In my limited understanding, one-way data binding could happen like the following: On the back-end, I have a Node backend server. In that, I have a layer that communicates with the database (Model). I ...
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React one-way data binding vs Angular two-way data binding

After hours of reading blog posts, I understand that React has one-way data binding, and Angular has two-way. But I don't actually know what that means.... React import { useState } from 'react'; ...
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Common business logic in android MVVM

Requirement I am currently working on an android application that uses MVVM, live data and databinding. I have a use-case where I need to show a Comment button in multiple screens in my android app. ...
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Cross-domain data binding

I've been developing several front-end web-applications recently that bind against a database using a RESTful CRUD api. I've noticed a massive amount of boilerplate code going into defining the API. ...
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Data-binding for Boolean values

Wondering if there is anything closely resembling data-binding but for boolean values / triggers. It seems like it could be related to Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs), but they are precomputed rather ...
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Do database CRUD operations dictate whether and application should be one-way or two-way binding?

I am confused (easily done). To me model is the data from the database sent back as JSON. When I think of that in an Angular context, when two-way binding is configured, it makes me think the ...
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Mutually dependent Properties in WPF

I have a WPF view which contains 2 mutually dependent properties; a change in one might trigger a change in the other. How do I write code that cleanly updates both? More specifically: I have WPF ...
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