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Parse 8 bytes to date time

I am trying to parse a file created by another software, but I cant identify a pattern on how this datetime is saved. There doesnt seem to be any consistency. Programming language of the software is C+...
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Correct format to receive datatime data from consumer

I am working on a service in a sprint boot microservice application. The consumer for my service can be another service, as well as a UI component. The are 5 entities in my service, each entity having ...
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How to manage 2 libraries that do mostly the same things in a project?

I am encountering a design problem on a new project. I have chosen the library Luxon ( because I think it suits this project perfectly. Date-fns ( ...
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Is Date a String or a complex object?

It is my first post here and I thought it really fits on this side than on the regular website. I am sure many of you (programmers) must have had nightmares with this Date 'object', either in your ...
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Is there any technical reason why, in programming, the default date format is YYYYMMDD and not something else?

Is there any engineering reason why is it like that? I was wondering in the case of a RDBMS that it had something to do with performance, since a "YEAR" is more specific than a "MONTH", for instance: ...
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Working with user timezones in the web browser and reports generated in the back-end

I have searched a lot on how to handle timezone in a web app. My application saves all dates as UTC in the database and returns UTC dates in json requests, so javascript proper handle conversions in ...
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What is the preferable date-format used for designing APIs and storage

The date format should support different timezone and Daylight saving issues.
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About my database date datatype crusade: Valid? Worthwhile? Does anyone else feel it?

I spend a lot of time answering SQL questions over on SO. I frequently come across queries of this ilk: SELECT * FROM person WHERE birthdate BETWEEN '01/01/2017' AND '01/03/2017' SELECT * FROM ...
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Working with timezones when storing dates in mysql

I have just a basic site with registration. With all other data, it stores the registration date in MySQL. If I'm in USA or in Canada, and I register at 2017-03-07 (Y-d-m), in MySQL it's 2017-04-07 ...
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Optimal format for storing key/value data optimized for quick key lookup

For a completely fun project, I want to write a Markov chain chat bot. The algorithm used is quite simple - break down incoming sentences into tokens, storing what words tend to come after each token ...
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Historic (and prehistoric) dates in Ruby [closed]

In Ruby, is there a standard class or gem to work with dates that can be - but are not required to be - historical in nature? The dates have precision (to the nearest million years, decade, century, ...
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What is the difference between "kk" and "HH"+1 in ISO-8601?

In the ISO-8601 there are multiple hour formats, one of them is "kk" for hours 1-24. What is the purpose of this? Are there countries that offset their time? Is it for military usages? The ...
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Dealing with date fields across browsers

I'm building a web application with multiple forms which all require date fields, and these fields need to be supported across IE, Chrome, and the like. Our application currently packages the output ...
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Groovy date/time compare [closed]

I have this string got from JIRA as the date/time I need to compare which one is earlier:"21/Sep/12 2:01 PM". How can I do this in Groovy? Thanks Jirong
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standard format to describe opening schedules

I am working on a project in which I have to model opening schedules (eg a swimming pool is opened from 10:30am to 5pm on Tuesday from january to May. I try to fit this data in a csv and I started ...
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how to deal with different formats of 'time/date format'?

Different systems accepts different formats of formating time. E.g. java, jquery: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm some jquery plugins: yy-mm-dd HH:MM momentjs: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm ISO-8601: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm etc On ...
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Interpreting Date formats

Let's say I have a DatePicker control and I allow my US clients to type something like "1/1" in it and hit tab go to next control. So I will parse that date for them as "01/01/2014" and some more ...
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Checking a record is due based on the 'occuring' field

I have records that have dates against them and an occurring field that contains none,yearly and monthly id status note date last_updated occurring 1 open --- 01/01/2011 ...
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Date & time - apply current, or 'then' DST?

I'm designing a function that given a UTC timestamp will convert it to the local time. The question I have, should the current times DST settings be applied to the conversion, or the timestamps DST ...
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How do you store "fuzzy dates" into a database?

This is a problem I've run into a few times. Imagine you have a record that you want to store into a database table. This table has a DateTime column called "date_created". This one particular record ...
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Is a day really 24 hours long? [closed]

I asked this question on Stack Overflow and it was closed as off-topic. I'll ask it here hoping it will do better. This might sound silly, but bear with me. I've been working a lot with intervals and ...
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How to handle timezone for dates?

With a YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS date I always store the UTC time. When I pull to display I translate timezones with built-in PHP functions and classes. I believe that is one correct way to do it and it ...
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Why does Javascript treat days and months differently?

I've noticed that in JavaScript, when creating a Date, months are zero based, and days aren't. For example: var foo = new Date(2012, 1, 1) produces February 1st 2012 Why is this?
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Date calculation algorithm

I'm working on a project to schedule a machine shop, basically I've got everything covered BUT date calculations, I've got a method called schedule (working on PHP here): public function schedule($...
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Ideal "intermediate" file format to use for structured/styled text? [closed]

I have files that I want to make available in an variety of formats: HTML PDF EPUB Plain Text (maybe) Most of the files will be sourced in doc, docx, or rtf format, so that needs to be considered. ...
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Is there a constant for "end of time"?

For some systems, the time value 9999-12-31 is used as the "end of time" as the end of the time that the computer can calculate. But what if it changes? Wouldn't it be better to define this time as a ...
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Which timezone is used for permalinks of posts [closed]

I wanted to add timezone support to my blog app but got stuck with a design problem. Every post has a published_on field which stores the publication date in a timezone aware format (UTC converted to ...
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International two-part date formats

Do people outside of the USA use two-part date abbreviations for the current year? For instance, representing the last day of May, you might see someone enter 5/31 into a date field. Do international ...
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Should I use the Date type in JAX-RS @PathParam?

This is what I'm thinking about doing on a JEE Glassfish server using Jersey. @GET @Path("/{name}/{date}") public String getMessages(@PathParam("name") String name, @PathParam("date") Date date) I ...
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Best representation for relative dates & durations

I use ISO 8601 to represent dates & durations and all is OK. But now I need to represent relative dates and durations like: The date for first day, at midnight, of the next week All the last ...
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isn't number localization just unnecessary?

I've just read this page One of the things they did was to convert the arabic date to the arabic ...
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Is there a universal date format that anyone in the world can understand?

In Canada, everyone is familiar with the date format YYYY-MM-DD. In Europe or South Africa, they prefer DD-MM-YYYY. There are users from South Africa who get confused with the YYYY-MM-DD date format....
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