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2 answers

How to calculate business days difference without a lookup table

How can I calculate the number of buisness days (M-F, agnostic of Holidays) between two dates without a look up table? There has to be some sort of algorithm based on the number of all days and the ...
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24 votes
9 answers

Why isn't there a true "Date-Only" data type?

I'm so ridiculously frustrated with having to use DateTime values for data sets that are truly "just a day." Birthdays being the most-common example, but this comes up in business applications all the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Data Storage patterns for intermediate saving a web-based workflow form

Background: I am developing a wizard based web form where users can log in an fill in some details and press next and previous to go back and forth in the wizard before they actually submit. When the ...
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Why do UTC Dates have different days of the week for some months?

I've been using the Javascript Date API for a calendar application, and I noticed that for every month between 3 and 9 (April and November) the methods Date.getDay() and Date.getUTCDay() return ...
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2 answers

Interpreting Date formats

Let's say I have a DatePicker control and I allow my US clients to type something like "1/1" in it and hit tab go to next control. So I will parse that date for them as "01/01/2014" and some more ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is there a standard for encoding recurring patterns of dates?

I'm trying to re-write a backend interface doohickey for a calendar, a todo list and another sort of calendar and found that they all were programmed to have subtly different formats for patterns of ...
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