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How to work with machine learning with data driven decision making?

Not sure whether this is a fitting place to ask such a question, but here goes... I learned about simple machine learning and supervised/unsupervised training back in Uni, where I specialized in ...
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Handle project where the goals is to choose a new solution [closed]

After my scrum certification, I had a chance to be selected as the team lead of a small project in my company. The goals is to made a choice on the new SAP the company will use. We are a team of 6 ...
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Mitigating frontend framework lock-in fears

My team is about to build a new user interface. The team has skills in a range of client-side and server-side technologies. Half the team argue for ASP.NET MVC, and half the team argue for a ...
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How to design a flexible multi-criteria prioritization?

Let's assume that we have a set of valid results, ex. Fruits: "Apple, Banana, Kiwi, Pear, ...". (In reality, it’s not fruits but complex objects) Now we need to pick the best result ...
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How can I consult users of my FOSS library about a design change idea?

I have a FOSS library made public through GitHub. It's not a big library, it doesn't have a community around it or anything like that - but it does get a few dozen unique clones a week. Now, I'm ...
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