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Questions about analysing compiled programs to recover source code, or as part of reverse engineering to discover how they work.

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Is extracting strings from an executable considered decompilation?

I am attempting to parse all possible outputs of a proprietary piece of software (ELF binary) whose license explicitly forbids reverse-engineering, decompilation and disassembly. So my question is: ...
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How compiled code works?

I'm just curious, I'd like to understand how compiled code works from the moment I run an executable file. Some time ago I had found a very well written article which helped, using a hex editor, to ...
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How do app developers protect their app when a user decompiles it?

I've been trying my hand at building apps with Flutter and Dart. I noticed in my apps that if someone decompiled my app they could access a whole lot of things I didn't want them to access. For ...
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Is there such a thing as a 'pseudo-compiler' for proprietary software?

I'm interested in whether there is such a thing as a pseudo-compiler that can create a kind of binary or bytecode version of a plaintext script file, which can only be accessed by a proprietary piece ...
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visual studio convert from lib files to source files [closed]

I downloaded one of the projects using vc++ and using visual studio 2008. The problem is some of the files are in .lib format, to understand the project completely i want to know the contents of this ...
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Why can't native machine code be easily decompiled?

With bytecode-based virtual machine languages like Java, VB.NET, C#, ActionScript 3.0, etc., you hear sometimes about how easy it is to just go download some decompiler off the Internet, run the ...
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Is Java easy decompilation a factor worth considering

We are considering the programming language for a desktop application with extended GUI use (tables, windows) and heavy database use. We considered Java for use however the fact that it can be ...
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How to safely run random binary codes? [closed]

Okay, so I am looking for a way to safely run a randomly generated binary code. I also need to be able to decompile the code. Any ideas and all programming languages are welcome. BTW it most be ...
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How is C/C++ more difficult to decompile than C#?

See top answer here: Obfuscation at source-code level more effective than obfuscators?, specifically "Code it in a language so not easy to decompile such as C/C++" I'm looking to write a new ...
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Decompilers - Myth or Fact?

Lately I have been thinking of application security and binaries and decompilers. (FYI- Decompilers is just an anti-complier, the purpose is to get the source back from the binary) Is there such ...
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