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Questions tagged [dependency-analysis]

Analyzing the dependencies between components of software systems - classes and interfaces, header files, method or function calls, and external libraries.

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2 answers

Terminology to indicate that a software component does not seem to belong inside a library

What is the standard or commonly used terminology used in software engineering circles for this scenario that uses "widgets" and "FFT" as a fictitious concrete example: I have a ...
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How to avoid circular dependency in my scenario?

For example, I have a Business Intelligence (BI) microservice, it reads data from other microservices, and displays the data as a bar chart or some other styles. My problem is, the BI microservice ...
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Should a library or an application exclude logging libraries and include SLF4J bridges?

The SLF4J documentation says that it's best practice for libraries to not include a concrete logging binding. I'm wondering what to do about transitive dependencies though. Let's say my library A ...
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Orthogonalization vs Dependency Inversion Principle

Is the dependency inversion principle an instance of orthogonalization? Given the class dependency X -> Y a common solution is to introduce interface Z so that the dependencies become X -> Z <...
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Software components tightly coupled or loosely coupled- simple case examples

Imagine you have software component named A which knows component B Lets say knowing each other is via reference or imports, or two of them. Is it safe to tell the following statements: 1. A-->B ...
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Cyclic dependencies in microservices

Just wanted to know if cyclic dependency is something that one should avoid in microservice design. For example, let's say we have a simple web store that sells fruit. It could have: Account Service -...
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How to avoid bidirectional class and module dependencies

To give some context, I'm using python. We have the following package structure: /package_name / # defines class Request / # defines class Response Let also assume ...
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What are some ways to compare and contrast software architecture strategies?

I am currently working on an Android project that I have concluded needs refactoring done for a core part of the app experience. Let's call this part of the experience "Search". From looking at bug ...
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Is there a programming paradigm that promotes making dependencies extremely obvious to other programmers?

I work in a Data Warehouse that sources multiple systems via many streams and layers with maze-like dependencies linking various artifacts. Pretty much every day I run into situations like this: I run ...
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Sorting algorithm for Provides/DependsOn objects

I have a set of type rewriters, each modifies a given C# type in a different way. Examples are: Add the XYZ attribute to each property of the class Add an ID property Add two properties and some ...
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How to solve circular dependency?

I have three classes that are circular dependant to each other: TestExecuter execute requests of TestScenario and save a report file using ReportGenerator class. So: TestExecuter depends on ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How do you approach transitive dependency conflicts that are only known at run-time? [closed]

How do you normally approach transitive dependency issues that occur at run-time in large software projects? For the past three weeks, I have been trying to start a component of a large piece of ...
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How to calculate number of indirect dependencies of a class?

Most of the static code analysis tools which analyse class dependencies generate dependency pairs of classes where each pair represents a direct dependency between two classes. Given those dependency ...
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How to track dependencies when a reported bug affects multiple products containing shared components?

If you have multiple products that contain some shared components, how do you track dependencies to work out which other products a bug affects? For example, product A, B and C use a CRC library ...
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How to find method and class usages along git repositories

We got some code in a git repository that's used along different projects (with git different repositories), the problem is that we got now so many different projects that's difficult to track which ...
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Justification for bidirectional relationship

I typically try and avoid bidirectional relationships at all costs. Recently I've been trying to follow a more domain centric design philosophy and I'm looking for advice in the best way to solve a ...
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Reorganizing code based on dependencies

I'm wondering if there is a tool that can generate a dependency graph between C language object files and then analyze how to turn that graph into a DAG by modifying code that creates cycles, moving ...
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Is it possible to analyse the API surface of a set of class libraries to automatically determine inter-assembly dependencies?

I'm sure we've all been in the situation where we've inherited code that was "overly public", becomes obsolete or needs to be refactored. In these situations, it is easy to spend many days analysing ...
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How do you solve large dependencies among files?

So basically I make several programs. Of course one program often used code from another. So I have my own personal "library" Well, I do write jerk codes. Then When I open a project, the project will ...
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Dependency analysis for tests [closed]

Google built a testing system that can infer which tests need to be run after a change. In their own words: ... we built a continuous integration system that uses dependency analysis to determine all ...
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Dependency analysis from C# code through to database tables/columns [closed]

I'm looking for a tool to do system wide dependency analysis in C# code and SQL Server databases. It's looking like the only tool available that does this might be CAST (CAST software), which is ...
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What are the benefits of using Dependency Injection and IoC Containers?

I'm planning to do a talk on Dependency Injection and IoC Containers, and I'm looking for some good arguments for using it. What are the most important benefits of using this technique, and these ...
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What is dependency Analysis and how is it done?

I saw this in a job posting for an developer. "An understanding of basic software development practices such as ...and Dependency Analysis." I read the wikipedia entry for Dependency ...
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